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Picture of Volunteers

Volunteering for the Earth Team provides many opportunities to help conserve New Mexico's resources in your community.  NRCS is looking for volunteers to work on a variety of projects.  Whatever your talents or interests are, there is a good chance you will be able to make a difference by calling your local NRCS Field Office or call 1-888-LANDCARE.


Loaded with several hundred pounds of sand and a self-contained tank for pumping and re-circulating  water, bright blue utility trailers are ready to provide water education to New Mexico school children.  The New Mexico Rolling Rivers are modeled on trailers that were designed and used in Colorado. 

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone 14 years of age or older and interested in conserving our precious natural resources can join the Earth Team. You can work part-time or full-time, evenings or weekends, outdoors or in an local NRCS office. You can volunteer as an individual or as a group!

Where Volunteers Can Help?

  • On the Land - with professional conservationists who are working directly with farmers and ranchers.
  • In schools - with elementary and high schools, college and university students. Through camps and classes, you can introduce young people to the wonders of nature.
  • With organizations - youth groups, professional societies, or civic groups. All types of organizations are joining together to sponsor water quality education campaigns, community beautification, and erosion control projects. Cooperative Earth Team efforts can help solve many natural resource problems in your area.
  • In offices - where NRCS or your conservation district may want to use your talents for clerical assistance, organizing information in a computer, preparing newsletters, or educating others about natural resource conservation

Award Winners




National Award Winner & West Regional Award Winner - Group Volunteer Award:  Friends of Whitefield

The Friends of Whitfield have volunteered 1,800 hours over the past year holding many conservation events that they organized and Picture of the Whitefield Group Volunteersconducted at the Whitfield Conservation Area.  Every year, Friends of Whitfield coordinate several different types of educational conservation events for all ages. They have clocked in a lot of Earth Team Volunteer hours for not only NRCS but for the entire Valencia County communities. These folks are very dedicated and committed to conservation and educating others, so they can also take care of our precious and delicate earth.

The Friends of the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area - is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area in the conservation of wildlife and habitats through environmental education, research, and restoration. 

One of the events that took place this year was Earth Day 2018. It marked their fifth year celebration of their planet at the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area. They were determined to make this year’s celebration a free and fun event for the whole family. It started with a nature walk led by a Whitfield Master Naturalist. One of the many activities included a guest speaker from the Wings of Enchantment Butterfly Farm that gave a presentation on butterflies and their life cycle.

Throughout the year, they are regularly putting together nature walks through the Wildlife Conservation Area, conducting outdoor conservation classroom events, inviting keynote speakers to their wildlife center and inviting the whole community to attend for free. There are dozens of schools that transport their students to Whitfield’s to gain an understanding and appreciation of nature.

West Regional Award Winner - Individual Volunteer:  William "Bill" Humphries

Photo of Mr. Humphries to the far right and NRCS employees out in the fieldWilliam (Bill) Humphries has made numerous contributions to conservation in general. He worked with NRCS in using a practice treatment waiver conducted late season mesquite treatment using the Sendero chemical. This experiment among other similar treatments in the county conducted on several different ranches allowed for the NMSU Circular 597 to be revised and allowed an extra month to the mesquite treatment window.

In 2018 he allowed NRCS Field staff and State staff to conduct a Prescribed Grazing Training on his ranch allowing numerous NRCS Field staff, local ranchers, and Technical Service Providers to learn the process of writing a Grazing Management Plan and conduct the different transects that go along with the Grazing Management Plan in order to comply with the new and improved CStwP.  

Not only does he work closely with NRCS, but he also works closely with the local community college by allowing students to conduct different transects on the ranch as part of their class while teaching them the importance of conservation. He has helped NRCS in recruiting Pathway Students in this manner.

He has also allowed foreigners and other professionals to conduct different types of analysis around Mesa Redonda that are looking into archaeological features such as fossils or others that are studying Geology using the water formations of and around Mesa Redonda.

His contributions have supported NRCS’s mission by simply helping NRCS find new and innovative ways to “helping people, help the land.” He takes NRCS’s mission to heart because he not only helps NRCS in this sense, but he is also inspiring neighboring ranchers, local college students, and younger future ranchers and farmers to embrace conservation.

Information about the Earth Team Volunteer Program

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