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NRCS provides conservation technical assistance to agricultural producers and landowners throughout the state. If you are a farmer or landowner needing engineering assistance on your property, please contact your local NJ NRCS field office.

Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (EFOTG)

The Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (EFOTG) is the main source of technical documents, handbooks, manuals, references and other tools.

Engineering Tools and Documents

The National Engineering Manual is the NRCS Engineering Policy document. The New Jersey Supplements provide additional policy statements unique to NRCS operations in the State.

New Jersey Supplements to the Engineering Field Handbook

Other Resources and Tools

Some of these documents require Adobe Acrobat.

New Jersey 24 Hour Rainfall data 
New Jersey Rainfall Distribution Regions (see page 2)
New Jersey Rainfall Bulletin   
Unit Hydrograph Bulletin (33 kb)
Dimensionless Unit Hydrograph (35 kb)


Photo of stream restoration








Engineering activities include:

Visit the Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (EFOTG) for manuals, tools and other documents.

  • Agricultural waste and manure management
  • Irrigation and irrigation water management
  • Erosion control
  • Soil Bioengineering - use of woody plants to protect streambanks and shorelines
  • Livestock watering facilities
  • Agrichemical containment facilities
  • Barnyard water and manure management
  • Composting operations

Contact: David Lamm, State Conservation Engineer

Last Update January 9, 2015