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Pest Management

A landowner scouts pests caught in a netPest management is evaluating and using a tailored pest management system to reduce crop and environmental damages. Scouting is done to identify insects, weeds, and diseases.

How it helps...

  • Scouting and spot treatment of only those pests that are threatening can save money
  • Using fewer chemicals improves water quality
  • Specific treatments for specific pests on specific areas of field prevents over-treatment of pests


  • Profits
  • Soil Erosion
  • Water Quality


  • Use crop rotations to reduce the chance of insect problems.
  • Use records of past crops and pest control to help evaluate effectiveness of various treatments.
  • Before using a pesticide, consider the leaching and runoff potential of both the pesticide and the soils on the farm.
  • Use the lowest practical application rate, and use spot treatment or banding when possible.
  • Calibrate sprayers.
  • Follow safety guidelines for handling pesticides (wear protective clothing, mix and load in an area designed to protect water quality, triple rinse containers and burn paper bags).
  • Scout every year and keep records to best identify pests and control effectiveness.
  • Design crop rotations to minimize pests.


Last Update May 7, 2013