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Ecological Science

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Field & Early Successional Habitat

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Fish & Streams

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Riparian Buffers

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Wildlife Enhancements


Other Information

Cost List & Scenarios

2013 Practices by Program and Initiative (113 KB, pdf
Forestry and Wildlife Practice Scenarios (65.8 KB, pdf

Technical Service Provider & Contractor List

Contractor List (83.3 KB, pdf
Field Office Checklist and TSP Sample Plan Review  
Forest Management Plan Criteria 
Technical Service Providers 
Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan Criteria 

National NRCS Biology website

Ecological Site Descriptions 

Ecosystem Restoration Projects and Processes
NRCS has been a leader in ecosystem restoration work in New Hampshire salt marshes and pine barrens.  There are resources here on the procedure and the project examples, as well as technical manuals. 


For more information, please contact: Donald Keirstead, Resource Conservationist for Ecology