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Information on New Hampshire Soils

Reading and assessing the land is the first step in solving natural resource problems and sustaining our resources.  In particular, soils provide the foundation for conservation work, and understanding the nature and properties of soils is critical to managing and conserving other natural resources.

Image of Marlow Soil Profile

 Marlow - The New Hampshire State Soil




Soil Survey Manual (17.1 MB pdf)

Soil Health Assessments   
The goal of the Soil Health Assessment in NH is to provide the landowner with an idea of what management changes you might need to make to improve the biological, chemical, and physical properties of your soil over time.

 Describing a soil profilecrossbeddingMnt KearsargeSoils workshopAmoozemeter




For more information about New Hampshire Soils, please contact: 

Peter Whitcomb - Assistant State Soil Scientist, Concord, NH
Karen Dudley - Resource Soil Scientist, Concord, NH