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Emergency Watershed Protection Program

Warren Brook - Alstead, NHWhat is the Emergency Watershed Protection Program?
The Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program was set up by Congress to respond to emergencies created by natural disasters.  It is designed to relieve imminent hazards to life and property caused by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, fires, and other natural occurrences.  The purpose of EWP is to help groups of people with a common problem.  It is generally not an individual assistance program.  All projects undertaken must be sponsored by a political subdivision of the state, such as a city, town, county, or conservation district. The program is administered by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, which provides technical and financial assistance to preserve life and property threatened by excessive erosion and flooding.

What are some typical projects?
All work must represent the least expensive alternative.  Typical type projects include: clearing debris from clogged stream channels, restoring vegetation, stabilizing eroded stream banks, and purchasing floodplain easements.

More information, including what EWP can and cannot do, as well as financial assistance and contact information can be found here.