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State Office

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Becky Ross,

State Conservationist


Dover State Office:

    USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    273 Locust St, Suite 2D
    Dover, NH  03820
    Phone:  (603) 868-9931
    Fax:      (855) 428-0332



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State Office Leadership Team

Becky Ross poses for a photo.
A portrait of Kim McCracken
Don Keirstead

Becky Ross
State Conservation

Asst State Conservationist
for Management and Strategy
603-868-9931 x112

Dr. Kim McKracken
Asst State Conservationist

for Operations
603-868-9931 x123

Don Keirstead
State Resource Conservationist

and State Soil Scientist
603-868-9931 x128

Matt Brown
A portrait of Leo
A portrait of Jeremy Fowler


Matt Brown
State Conservation Engineer
603-868-9931 x115

Leo Smock-Randall
Asst State Conservationist

for Programs
603-868-9931 x127

Jeremy Fowler
Public Affairs Specialist
603-868-9931 x131


State Office Staff



A portrait of Marques Munis
Brooke Smart
Kelly Boland, Biologist

Marques Munis
State Program Coordinator
603-868-9931 x126


Kim Bakker
Natural Resource Specialist,
Business Tools Coordinator,
TSP Coordinator
603-868-9931 x130

Brooke Stubbs
Resource Conservationist
603-868-9931 x106


Kelly Boland
Biologist/ Forester
603-868-9931 x113


Ian Rodgers
Portrait of Kim McCabe
A portrait of Kimberly Zaleski

Ian Rodgers
Easement Coordinator

603-868-9931 x104

Kim McCabe
Management Analyst
603-868-9931 x136

Program Analyst

603-868-9931 x129

Kim Zaleski
Executive Assistant
603-868-9931 x100

A portrait of Shari Cohen
A portrait of Laura Chandler
Verna Cooper

Shari Cohen
Business Services Specialist

603-868-9931 x125

Laura Chandler
Administrative Assistant
603-868-9931 x108

Verna Cooper
Financial Resources Specialist
603-868-9931 x101


Soil Health Division Staff Located in Dover


Brandon Smith
Dr. Brandon Smith
Acting Director
Soil Health Division
603-868-9931 x111