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Nutrient Management

Nebraska Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

Introduction and Explanation

The Nebraska Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) webpage contents are divided into five sections.  This webpage is intended to provide blank forms, templates and example information that can be customized for use on actual CNMPs by NRCS and Technical Service Providers.  Not all information will be necessary on an individual CNMP. The portions that are needed can be utilized and customized as appropriate to meet NRCS standards, as well as Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) regulations and other federal, state and local regulations.

CNMPs must consider six basic elements: Nutrient Management, Land Treatment, Manure Handling and Storage, Manure Transfer, Feed Management, and Other Utilization Options (composting, energy production, off-site uses of manure and manure by-products). 

Section I provides a general list of items that are included in a CNMP.  Examples of a Table of Contents, applicant disclosure and certification form necessary for applying for NDEQ animal feeding operation permits and a conservation plan that details the application schedule of practices to be applied and maintained as part of a CNMP.  Conservation plans are a key center-piece of a CNMP.  An inventory worksheet is also included.  This worksheet provides a format for gathering information that can be used during the planning process to ensure that all components of a CNMP are compatible, manageable and meet the long-term goals and objectives of the producer.

Section II includes tools and information needed for inventorying livestock, nutrients, manure, surrounding areas and application sites.  This section includes information on the P-Index and Nitrogen Leaching assessment to determine appropriate manure management techniques and conservation practices to limit off-site movement of nutrients.  This section also includes a list of maps that may be necessary for a CNMP.

Section III includes Engineering Components, and related information.  A link to the electronic Field office tech guide (eFOTG) is included so that practice standards and practice documentation requirements can be accessed.  NDEQ’s permit application, and a link to information on monitoring wells is also included.

Section IV includes specialized plans, agreements, certification, zoning, and permit information that may be applicable to animal feeding operations.  Plans include sludge and sediment removal plans, emergency response plans, closure plans, odor management plans, mortality plans, and operation and maintenance plans.   There are also example agreements for land application of manure.

Section V includes annual operation and maintenance of a CNMP including record keeping once a CNMP is in place.  This section also includes various tools for nutrient management planning and record keeping forms and references.  The record filing section includes pertinent information that can help ensure that the CNMP is being implemented properly and that it meets NDEQ record keeping requirements.

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Introduction and Explanation


Livestock, Nutrient, Manure and Application Information


Long-term Plans, Agreements, Certifications and Permit Information

Annual Operations and Maintenance of CNMP (Record-keeping)