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North Dakota engineering staff provide a blend of structural and biological measure to solve resource concerns related to soil erosion, water quality, agricultural waste management and wetland restoration while meeting the land use objectives.  Engineering staff provide planning, design and construction services to support agency programs and activities.

Conservationists inspect field following a dust storm.




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Watershed Programs

Conservation Practice Standards and Specifications

Practice standards establish the minimum level of acceptable quality for planning, designing, installing, operating, and maintaining conservation practices.  Conservation practice standards are located in Section IV of the North Dakota Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG).

NRCS uses science-based technology to provide conservation planning and assistance to land owners and operators and others to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animal for productive lands and healthy ecosystems.  The NRCS manual presents engineering policy clearly and completely so that NRCS engineering activities can be effectively and efficiently implemented.  Handbooks provide technical guidance for the planning, design, and implementation of conservation practices.

Engineering Planning & Design Tools for Conservation Practices

Design tools have been developed to assist with engineering tasks specific to North Dakota. All technical resources are available to the general public, and while all have been examined for technical adequacy the responsibility for proper application remains with the user. Before using any of the technical resources, the designer should verify they are adaptable to the site and that the design limitations are not exceeded.

     > Producer's Guide for Structural Conservation Practices (Tri-Fold Brochure, PDF, 1.2MB)


Map, Elevation Data, & Drafting Resources

North Dakota State Water Commission has several informative maps and data (including LiDAR data) available to the public. NRCS has developed help sheets to assist in the collection of data and use of the data in the Civil 3D drafting program.

Includes both NRCS and Non-NRCS references and publications useful throughout the planning, design, and construction process.

     > Federal Agencies

Engineering staff are located throughout North Dakota with a support team in the state office in Bismarck.


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