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Watershed Surveys and Planning

The Small Watershed Program works through local government sponsors and helps participants solve natural resource and related economic problems on a watershed basis.  Projects include watershed protection, flood prevention, erosion and sediment control, water supply, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement, wetlands creation and restoration, and public recreation in watersheds of 250,000 or fewer acres.  Both technical and financial assistance are available.

NRCS uses the Small Watershed Program to map flood hazard areas, solve local flooding problems, evaluate potential greenbelts along streams, develop guidelines for erosion control and runoff management, help farmers control erosion in high priority watersheds, and improve water quality to water bodies and ground water.

North Dakota has four watershed projects that are in various stages of implementation.  Currently, one project is under construction.  The Middle Branch Park River Dam No. 5 is being constructed near Edinburg.  Designs are under way for a multi-purpose structure on Square Butte Creek in Morton County.  Designs are proceeding on a flood channel through the City of Belfield in Stark County.  Design surveys have also been initiated on a project to provide flood control, agricultural water management, and watershed protection for the Colfax Watershed in Richland County.

For more information:

Christi Fisher
State Conservation Engineer
Phone: 701-530-2091