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Watershed Rehabilitation

Small Watershed Program - Rehabilitation

The Watershed Rehabilitation Amendments to the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (PL 83-566) authorizes the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to work with local communities and watershed project sponsors to address public health and safety concerns and potential adverse environmental impacts of aging dams.

These aging dams were built on the four following programs:

The dams built on these programs are part of our Nation's aging infrastructure.  The dams are owned by the local sponsors.  With continued maintenance these dams may function indefinitely, but in some cases rehabilitation my be needed to address public dam safety concerns or to allow them to continue providing their intended functions as well as address future natural resource needs.

Some of the issues that must be addressed for these aging projects include:

  • Replacing deteriorating components
  • Dealing with unanticipated urban development below or near the dams, which increases the potential for loss of life and economic damage
  • Dealing with the sediment that has accumulated in reservoirs to the point that the dams can no longer properly function
  • Upgrading to meet current State dam safety regulations
  • Meeting natural resource needs not previously addressed, such as water quality, wetland restoration and wildlife habitat

For additional information:

North Dakota Program Contact

Christi Fisher
State Conservation Engineer

Phone: 701-530-2091