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Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program

Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP)- Floodplain Easement

Through the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is authorized to purchase floodplain easements on lands that have serious recurring flooding problems.  The EWP floodplain easement program is a non-traditional alternative to reduce threats to life and property in the wake of a natural disaster flood event.  Technical and financial assistance is provided to purchase a floodplain easement and restore the damaged floodplain.

NRCS assists landowners in restoring the hydrology and native plant communities within the easement area.  The floodplain easement program provides an opportunity for landowners to recover from a catastrophic flood event.  Easement provide long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits to landowners and the public.

Since the floodplain easement program's inception in 1997, the program has been strongly supported by private landowners.  One-hundred twenty-two easements, on 15,038 acres have been purchased in North Dakota.

The spring of 2001 flood event in eastern North Dakota prompted another EWP floodplain easement signup.  This signup concluded August 3, 2001, with over 80 applications received.  The demand for this program continues to grow as landowners receive repeated flood damages.

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

EWP 2009 Flood Plain Easement Land Values  MAP  (PDF; 120 KB)

EWP Application Form AD-1153 (fillable)  (PDF; 112 KB)

EWP Fact Sheet  (PDF; 31 KB)

EWP Press Release  (PDF; 30 KB)

Program Contact

Todd C. Hagel, Assistant State Conservationist (Programs)
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Ph:  701.530.2004