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Meet Mighty Mini Microbe

She’s a wee bit smaller than your typical superhero.

MiniMicrobe WebGraphic1

Discover how Mighty Mini Microbe and her band of soil superheroes (with a little help from soil health farmers and friends) take care of plants, people, and planet Earth.

Click here to see the 15-second 3-D animated video.

Click here to download the promotional poster above.

Click here to view or download the coloring book.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Elementary PowerPoint (Six Slides)

  • A Day in the Life of a Dairy Cow
  • Farmers Working...To Make a Difference
  • Food Is the Most Affordable in the United States
  • It's In ThereScientific Knowledge Worm
  • The Soil Cycle
  • How A Terrace Works

S.K. Worm - Answers your questions about soil and stuff!

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