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Success Stories

Success Stories

NRCS works with landowners through conservation planning and assistance designed to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animals that result in productive lands and healthy ecosystems.


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North Dakota Stories





A Good Conservation Plan

A Good Conservation Plan

A good conservation plan, little ingenuity, hard work, and a farm bill program can help push great ideas into action.  Often it is said that conservation can pay in small long-term dividends that often go unnoticed. Continue reading..

Renville County
Bismarck Earth Day Festival 2017 winning design by Kyra Sullivan

Bismarck’s 10th Annual Earth Day Festival

Earth Day has been celebrated in many ways across the world with the common purpose of educating and fostering awareness to the natural resources in our communities.

Burleigh County

Soil Health Case Study: Coetzee Ranch in South Africa

The Coetzee Ranch is located in the Free State province of South Africa. De Wet and his wife Heleen are holistic management practitioners and approach resource management with holism in mind. The Coetzee’s and their four children have lived on the ranch for many years. Continue reading..


Halfway back, Restoring soil health helps triple yield

Rocky Bateman figures he’s got his farm’s soil halfway back to what it was like before his great, great grandfather broke the sod. Bateman, New Salem, N.D., is one of eight Soil Health Champions.. Continue reading...

Morton County

USDA-NRCS Farm Bill specialists break new ground in North Dakota

Eight farm bill specialists working in county USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services offices in North Dakota are breaking new ground. Continue reading...


Pollinators, Producers, Partners and Planning Conservation Technical Assistance

The Lazy J C ranch, located in the prairie pothole region of McLean County North Dakota is reaping significant benefits from the honey bee pollinator effort... Continue reading

McLean County

Bismarck Soil Survey Staff Completes Order 2 Soil Survey of Reclaimed Mine Lands

The Bismarck Major Land Resource Area (MLRA) staff recently completed Order 2 soil survey of reclaimed mine land.  North Dakota contains some of the largest deposits of lignite coal within the United States. Continue reading...

Burleigh County

Planting Wyoming Big Sage on Brooks Ranch Enhances Sage Grouse Habitat

Local ranchers like Rob Brooks are working together with local, state, and federal agencies to restore sage grouse habitat by planting Wyoming big sage, Artemisia tridentata wyomingensis, on private lands. Continue reading...


Sage Grouse Initiative Protects Native Species

Rob Timm is a young and ambitious land steward who operates a ranch in Southwestern North Dakota. Throughout his life, he has demonstrated a passion for the land, his cattle, local wildlife, and the lifestyle of a rancher. Continue reading...


Menoken Farm: Demonstrating Conservation and Educating the Public

Most agricultural soils in the United States are currently in a stare of poor health - showing symptoms of erosion, water runoff, nutrient lass, drought and fertility. Fortunately, soil health can be restored through proper management. Continue reading...

Students Learn the Value of Conservation

As I walk up to a large storage shed near the shore of Lake Darling on a windy (North Dakota windy!) September morning, I expect to see teenage kids huddled together - in near silence - attempting with all their might to keep warm. Continue reading...

Ward County

Water Bank Program Offers Conservation Assistance

The natural world, in addition to offering much splendor and beauty, can sometimes leave people feeling helpless due to its unpredictable nature. The Devils Lake Basin serves as an example of nature's (sometimes) irregular and disparaging ways. Continue reading...


ND Profile in Soil Health

Unleashing the power of diversity: The more diverse the crops and pastures become on Gabe and Shelly Brown's ranch, the more successful they become. Continue reading...