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MLRA Soil Survey Regional Offices


Helping People Understand Soil

Soil is a vital part of the natural environment. It is a living, dynamic resource that supports plant life. It is made up of different size mineral particles (sand, silt, and clay), organic matter, and numerous species of living organisms. Soil has biological, chemical, and physical properties that are always changing. It controls the flow of water and chemical substances between the atmosphere and the earth and acts as both a source and store for gases in the atmosphere. Soil, together with the plant and animal life it supports, forms an amazing, intricate natural system. North Carolina NRCS has 2 main focuses:

  1. Is providing Technical Soil Services to the whole state. We provide technical assistance in soil sciences to customers, partners and conservationist across the state to educate, inform and guide sustainable use of soil resources.
    1. Assisting with wetland and Highly Erodible Land (HEL) compliance

    2. Performing on-site soil investigations

    3. Assisting with the use of soils data

  2. Is the North Carolina Cooperative Soils Program. This program is part of the National Cooperative Soil Survey, a partnership effort of Federal and State agencies, universities, and professional societies to deliver science-based soils information.

NRCS North Carolina Technical Soil Science - Staff Areas

RSS Map for the state of North Carolina


Field Contacts:
Area 1 (Orange)  - Kristin May, Resource Soil Scientist,
Office: 704.680.3541

Area 2 (Green) -Barry Ward, Resource Soil Scientist, Office: 910.748.5565

Area 3 (Purple) - Marie Ross, Resource Soil Scientist


North Carolina Soils Team Contacts


State Soil Scientist
Kristin May
Resource Soil Scientist
Salisbury, NC
704.680.3541 (Office)
704.754.6734 (Cell)
Barry Ward
Resource Soil Scientist
Fayetteville, NC
910.748.5565 (Office)
910.624.2060 (Cell)
Marie Ross
Resource Soil Scientist
Greenville, NC
252.351.8051 (Office)
252.722.2728 (Cell)
Matt Kinane
Compliance Specialist (ECS Staff)
Raleigh, NC
919.873.2126 (Office)
984.365.2519 (Cell)
GIS Specialist
Kristin May (Acting
Resource Soil Scientist

For more information, please visit the National Soils page.