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North Carolina NRCS Partnerships

Natural resources conservation is delivered through a unique partnership of federal, state, and local agencies.  The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provides technical assistance to local soil and water conservation districts. The NRCS brings highly trained, professional conservationists with broad, national experience and backing. The NRCS also administers several federal programs designed to help landowners install conservation practices that protect soil resources, improve water quality, protect wetlands, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Districts bring the local perspective. Headed by a three to five-person board of supervisors, districts determine local priorities and administer state conservation programs. In North Carolina, districts provide additional conservationists of their own, who work side-by-side with those of the NRCS. Districts speak with a unified voice through the NC Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

The state, through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Division of Soil & Water Conservation and other agencies, provides funds and program support. The North Carolina Agricultural Cost-Share Program, funded by the state and administered through soil & water conservation districts, has provided millions of dollars to help landowners install conservation measures that reduce water pollution from agricultural non-point sources. The Division of Soil & Water Conservation takes its direction from the North Carolina Soil & Water Conservation Commission.

Beyond these core agencies and organizations, the North Carolina conservation partnership works closely with other state and federal agencies, like the Cooperative Extension Service, the USDA Farm Services Agency, the NC Division of Environmental Management, the NC Department of Agriculture, and the NC Division of Forest Resources. Private organizations like the Farm Bureau and Sierra Club are also included in the partnership?s decision making process.

The ultimate partner is the people of North Carolina. With the help of the conservation partnership, thousands of landowners and land users have voluntarily installed conservation systems that protect and improve our soil, water, air, and wildlife resources.

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