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North Carolina Contact:

Stuart Lee
State Public Affairs Specialist

Recognizing our Conservation Leaders - Grayson Sarif

2019 Hispanic Farmer of the Year Named - North Carolina Twisted Sweetgum Farms

Nearly 50 Years of the Modern Soil Survey in North Carolina - A Milestone

Family Tradition of Serving in the Military and Working for NRCSMeet Mr. Neill Ray

Hoke County Farmers - Anything but Typical

Halifax County Siblings - Preserving a Legacy

Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett - Father of the Modern Conservation Movement

The First Conservation District - Anson Soil and Water in North Caorlina

Swan Quarter - Church Moved by the Hand of God

CCC - Civilian Conservation Corp in North Carolina

Why Not...Whynot? Wynott Soil Type

Native Warm Season Gasses - Mitigating Poultry Air Emissions