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State Office

State Office Directory

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
4407 Bland Rd., Suite 117
Raleigh, NC  27609

Phone: 919-873-2100
Fax: 919-873-2156

State Conservationist Office 
Name Position Phone Email
Timothy A. Beard State Conservationist 919-873-2101
Vacant State Conservationist's Administrative Assistant 919.873.2102  
Public Affairs Staff
Name Position Phone Email
Stuart Lee State Public Affairs Specialist and Outreach Coordinator 919-873-2107
Magdalena B. Whitaker Secretary 919-873-2123
Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone Email
Stuart Lee (Acting) Assistant State Conservationist Management and Strategy 919-873-2107
Alaina Bloodworth Business Services Specialist 919-873-2138
Carolyn Emerson Financial Resources Specialist 919-873-2108

Jeremy Wood Management Analyst 919-873-2193
Amy Mize Administrative Assistant 919-873-2127

Programs, Easements and Water Resources
Name Position Phone Email
Gregory A. Walker Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, and Easements and Water Resources 919-873-2104
Julius George Farm Bill Specialist 919-873-2183

Vacant Farm Bill Specialist 919-873-2134  
Brian Loadholt Easement Specialist 919.873-2160
Terry Foreman Program Specialist (Easements) 919-873-2177

Engineering Staff
Name Position Phone Email
James Kjelarrd State Conservation Engineer 919-873-2130

J'Que Joes  Engineer 919-873-2129

Kim G. Kroeger Geologist 919-873-2128
Ecological Sciences Staff
Name Position Phone Email
Rafael Vega State Resources Conservationist 919-873-2124
Maggie Whitaker Secretary (Acting) 919-873-2123
Ruben Torres Conservation Business Tool Coordinator 919.873.2185
Jeremy Roston Resource Conservationist 919-873-2140
Matt Kinane Compliance Specialist 919.873.2126
Josh Spencer Water Quality Specialist 919-873-2120
Bob Abell NRI Collection Technician 919-873-2175
Jim Errante Cultural Resource Specialist 803-253-3937
Brian Short Grazing Specialist 252-405-9248
NC Soils Staff
Name Position Phone Email

State Soil Scientist

Milton Cortes Assistant State Soil Scientist 919-873-2171

Soil Survey Region 3
Name Position Phone Email
Deborah T. Anderson Team Leader 919-873-2139
Camilla R. Curtis "Rosetta" Secretary 919-873-2142
J. Greg Taylor Senior Regional Soil Scientist  919-873-2170
Michelle Clendenin Ecological Site Inventory Specialist 919-873-2125
Matt Duvall Ecological Site Specialist  919-873-2119