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About North Carolina NRCS - Helping People Help the Land

Welcome to the NRCS in North Carolina. Sometimes defining what a federal agency does for the public can be confusing, and rarely does one word sum it all up. So, when someone asks us, “What can the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) do for me”, we want to provide a clear and concise message so that you know exactly what services we offer you. What can the NRCS do for you? We help you help the land, which is our mission, “Helping People Help the Land”.

How do we do that exactly? We help you help the land by providing you, our customers and partners, technical and financial assistance, which we offer through five business lines. The first business line is “conservation planning and technical consultation”. We provide technical consultation and planning assistance to help you make beneficial decisions about natural resource management. Our second business line is “conservation implementation”. We help you install conservation practices and systems that meet established technical standards and specifications. The third business line is “natural resource inventory and assessment”. By collecting, analyzing and providing you with natural resource data, we help you to establish the best conservation plans and resource-use decisions for all landscapes. Fourth is, “natural resource technology transfer”. We develop and distribute a wide array of technology pertaining to resource assessment, conservation planning, and conservation system installation and evaluation. This also includes training, and certification in standards and procedures. The last of the five business lines is “financial assistance”. The NRCS provides financial assistance to encourage the adoption of beneficial land-treatment practices that conserve and protect our nation’s valuable natural resources.

Financial assistance is awarded to those who voluntarily enter into contracts, easements and agreements to conserve natural resources. Financial assistance is provided through cost-share/ incentives, easements, grants and stewardship payments. So, what can the NRCS do for you? We help you help the land. It’s that simple. By providing technical and financial assistance through our five business lines, we will help you help the land.

To find our more about the NRCS in North Carolina and what we can do for you, please checkout the rest of our website or visit the national NRCS website.

Timothy A. Beard, State Conservationist
Natural Resource Conservation Service
4407 Bland Rd, Ste 117
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919-873-2100

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