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WEPS Software

WEPS Software:  Description and current version download

Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) combines the latest in wind erosion science and technology with databases and computers, to develop what should be a significant advancement in wind erosion prediction technology. WEPS incorporates this new technology and is designed to replace the Wind Erosion Equation WEQ method of wind erosion prediction used by USDA-NRCS.

WEPS is a process-based, continuous, daily time-step model that simulates weather, field conditions, crop growth, hydrology and wind erosion.   Saltation, creep, suspension, and PM10 components of wind erosion are simulated and reported for a crop system. WEPS is designed to be used under a wide range of land use conditions in the U.S. and easily adapted to other parts of the world.

Current official NRCS release of WEPS:

WEPS – Wind Erosion Prediction System, is a tool for predicting the effects of management practices and crop rotations on wind erosion for an individual field. The NRCS configuration contains settings designed to support NRCS official programmatic and conservation planning use of WEPS. 12/02/2013.

Notes: This version of the WEPS user interface should run properly under either version of Java 1.6 or 1.7. Installation of this newer version replaces an older version but does not delete previous runs.

NRCS WEPS TSP configuration software download:


To download: right click on link, save target as, browse to local folder on computer and save. The software can then be installed from the saved folder location.