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Wind Erosion (WEPS)

Wind Erosion (WEPS)

Soil erosion by wind is a serious problem in the United States and the world. Wind Erosion can be a threat to agriculture productivity and the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources.  The erosion of surface soil by wind renders the soil less productive by removing the most fertile part of the soil, namely, the clays and organic matter.  This removal of clay and organic matter reduces native productivity of the soil and damages soil structure and biological activity, which are essential soil qualities for a healthy soil resource.

In addition to soil loss, wind erosion can damage plants, primarily by the abrasive action of saltating particles on seedlings and fruits. Eroded soil can also be deposited into waterways where it impacts water quality and/or emitted into the air where it degrades the air resources. By affecting these resources, wind erosion can also become a health hazard to humans and other animals.

The ability to accurately simulate soil loss by wind is essential for, among other things, environmental and conservation planning, natural resource inventories, and reducing air and water pollution from wind-blown soil materials.

This site provides access to the WEPS software version used for official purposes by NRCS field offices and Technical Service providers.  NRCS developed and maintains the components of the WEPS Databases and information on this site. The USDA-Agricultural Research Service is the lead agency for developing the science in the WEPS model and the model interface.  WEPS predicts many forms of soil erosion by wind such as saltation-creep and suspension including PM-10. WEPS replaces the Wind Erosion Equation (WEQ) in use prior to January, 2008.

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Joel Poore; Conservation Agronomist; Wind Erosion Specialist

 USDA-NRCS-CNTSC, Fort Worth, TX:;        Phone: 817-509-3213

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ARS Engineering &Wind Erosion Research Unit

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