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Technical Resources

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) uses science-based technology to provide conservation planning and assistance to land owners and operators and others to benefit the soil, water, air, plants, and animal for productive lands and healthy ecosystems.

The technical resources and references we provide and use, as well as the disciplines on which we rely, show how NRCS experts work together to help conserve our nation's natural resources.

Conservation planning

Conservation Plan

A conservation plan identifies the customer’s conservation objectives and assesses and analyzes the natural resources issues on that customer’s land related to soil, water, animals, plants, air, energy, and human interaction. The plan offers alternatives, documents decisions, records progress and tracks successful completion of conservation practices and systems. It helps provide guidance and direction for continued maintenance of conservation systems once established.

Science and Technology Training Library

Science and Technology Training Library

Visit the Science and Technology Training Library to attend a live conservation webinar or to browse through an extensive collection of webinar replays. displays a calendar of upcoming live webinar presentations and “Conservation Webinars” titles categorized as soil health, fish and wildlife, resource assessment, FOTG and planning, cropping systems, and more. Look for the Agency’s raindrop logo on detailed webinar pages. There are no fees or advance registration requirements to participate. Earn CEUs and receive a participation certificate for professional certification by following the instructions provided with each webinar. features webinars sponsored by NRCS Science and Technology National Centers and Divisions.

Resource Stewardship Graphic

Resource Stewardship

This new tool integrates many of NRCS’ planning tools, and looks holistically at an agricultural operation’s current management and conservation activities across five natural resource concerns.

Johnson Homestead Sunset

USDA-Agricultural Air Quality Task Force

The USDA Agricultural Air Quality Task Force site serves as a repository of information about the task force, and provides public access to Federal Register notices, meeting minutes, reports and documents, and official communiqués from and about the task force.

Soil Stories

Soil Stories

Soil Stories is a film collaborated between the Earth Sciences and Resources Institute-University of SC and SC NRCS. Watch the movie to embark on a journey of discovery and learn about soil!

Man standing near sediment coming from severely eroded crop field.

National Conservation Practice Standards Information

Find information about NRCS conservation practices, including conservation practice standards, information sheets, job sheets, network effects diagrams, and more.

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