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A number of publications are available from NRCS and other US government agencies, universities, and even industry that can be of value in dealing with animal feeding operations. These publications all deal with such things as animal management, manure and waste management, feed management, and pathogen management, along with many others.

Animal Management

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EPA has developed a publication on animal management and water quality.

EPA has developed pictorial brochures for four agriculture sectors (poultry, beef, dairy, and swine) to be used as compliance assistance tools. The brochures present management practices found at agricultural facilities. The goal of the brochures is to benefit the producer by identifying and promoting best management practices and environmental stewardship. These brochures can be found at:

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Manure and Waste Management

Manure Nutrients Relative to the Capacity of Cropland and Pastureland to Assimilate Nutrients 

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Alternative Waste Management Technologies: Summary of Available Resources (PDF, 301 KB)
Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis (PDF, 1.27 MB)

Feed Management

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Effects of Diet and Feeding Management on Nutrient Content of Manure (PDF, 445 KB)
Feed and Animal Management for Beef Cattle (PDF, 435 KB)
Feed and Animal Management for Swine (PDF, 438 KB)
Feed and Animal Management for Poultry (PDF, 438 KB)
Feed and Animal Management for Dairy Cattle (PDF, 438 KB)
Animal Diets and Feed Management (PDF, 1.10 MB) 

Many other Feed Management Publications were published by a multi-university team of scientists funded by NRCS and can be found on the Washington State University Nutrient Management Website at:

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Pathogen Management

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Reducing Risk of E. coli O157:H7 Contamination (PDF, 78 KB)
Waterborne Pathogens in Agricultural Watersheds (PDF, 732 KB)