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NRCS resource conservationist reviews a conservation plan with an orchard grower (South-central Wa.)

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Administrative Service

Information about administrative services, including a contact and services directory, can be found on the NRCS Administrative Services SharePoint site.

Chief-State Conservationst Call Notes

The Chief - State Conservationist meeting minutes are posted in the wiki of our NRCS home community in Connect. Minutes from April. 4, 2016 have been posted. 

Soil Health Work Continues to Grow

NRCS continues to grow its Soil Health movement, with our soil health campaign in its fourth year. Some NRCS employees have spent their entire careers promoting soil health, and this work continues to gain new supporters and adopters.

Check out this Feb. 6, 2016 article in The New York Times, or this recent radio public service announcement.

Soil - the Final Frontier

Conservation Client Gateway

Learn about Conservation Client Gateway, find important documents, and view video training. NRCS announced Conservation Client Gateway to the public May 27, 2015. 


NRCS SharePoint Directory

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Employee Resources

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Help with USDA Connect or the NRCS Employees Page

Please contact for help or suggestions.

For access to Connect, NRCS employees will need a email address and level 2 E-Auth. NRCS partners and affiliates should use the links to NRCS applications on the left of this page or view the Integrated Accountability System. The following documents will also help you learn about Connect.