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National Employee Development Center

 Working Effectively in the Pacific Islands Area (PIA)

Working Effectively in the Pacific Islands Area (PIA) is an online course intended for permanent or detailed employees that work in the Pacific Islands, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and staff that provide technical and administrative assistance to the islands. The course is now offered in AgLearn. Employees who are considering duty assignments in the PIA can also benefit as the course can serve as an introduction to the Pacific Basin’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. The course is designed to provide awareness and basic understanding of the many differences, complexities, and unique qualities of the area. In order to help people in the pacific held the land, our employees and partners must be culturally sensitive and aware of government and islander protocols. This course will provide the NRCS employees and partners with the knowledge and resources to be prepared for the mores of each of the distinct governmental areas in order to increase effectiveness and prevent misunderstanding that may occur because of a lack of knowledge of differences in language, etiquette, and perceptions. 

National Employee Development CenterNational Employee Development Center (NEDC)

The National Employee Development Center (NEDC) is the central point for training within the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  Its perseverance is to provide its customers with superior service throughout the nation.  NEDC has envisioned a unified approach in providing timely, sequential, competency-based training that will be fundamental to its business of resource conservation.

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USDA AgLearn

AgLearn is USDA's Learning Management System for the delivery of training programs at USDA, including photo of Ag Learn captionconservation training courses available 24/7 to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) employees...  

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Image of statement  Conservation Planning Boot Camp Training

Recent changes have been made by the National Employee Development Board to change NRCS Boot Camp name to Conservation Planning Boot Camp in order to recognize its greater focus on conservation planning. Conservation Planning Boot Camp is a three week training program providing new technical employees with the conservation planning, application, and operations management skills needed for today's workforce...

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Photo of SLDP title with NRCS logoStrategic Leadership Development Program

Strategic Leaders Development Program is an approach to develop skills from effective leaders in order to increase strategic responsibilities over the next 5 years. SLDP recently updated their eligibility requirements, application process and key content in order to make it more manageable for participants...

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