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Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment

Deputy Chief for Soil Science & Resource Assessment Directory

Please send directory updates to Paul Reich, Soil Science Division.

Deputy Chief's Office

USDA, NRCS, Soil Science and Resource Assessment
5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Room 1-1289 Stop code: 5410
Beltsville, MD 20705

Phone: 301-504-2302
Fax: 301-504-3788

Name Position Phone Room
Podoll, Mary Acting Deputy Chief 301-504-2302 1-1289
Cerretani, Katie Special Assistant (Natural Resources Specialist) 202-720-4719 6101-S
Gill, Terri Executive Assistant 301-504-2302 1-1289

International Programs Division

George Washington Carver Center, Beltsville, MD

USDA, NRCS, 5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Room 1-2108, Stop Code: 5477
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-2271
Fax: 301-504-2217

Name Position Phone Room
Woods Shawver, Lillian Director 301-504-2269 1-2108
Risden, Linda Program Support Assistant 301-504-2271 1-2110B
Dixon, Sascha Program Analyst 301-504-2277 1-2114C
McCree, Marita Program Analyst 202-720-1830 4836-S
Bloodworth, Herby Program Analyst 301-504-2270 1-2112B

Resources Inventory Division

George Washington Carver Center, Beltsville, MD

USDA, NRCS, 5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Room 1-1292A, Stop Code: 5410
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-2305
Fax: 301-504-3788

Name Position Phone Room
Flanagan, Patrick Acting Director 301-504-2222 1-1284
Murphy, Robin Administrative Assistant 301-504-2305 1-1282B
Vacant Cartographer 301-504-2324 1-1286B
Neal, Daniel Management Analyst 817-509-3490 Ft. Worth, TX
Inventory Team
Name Position Phone Room
Flanagan, Patrick National Statistician 301-504-2222 1-1273
Vacant Soil Scientist 515-294-7789 Ames, Iowa
Lessard, Veronica Statistician 515-294-1248 Ames, Iowa
Turk, Jesse Soil Scientist 515-294-5538 Ames, Iowa
Wallace, Susan Research Programmer (Contractor) 301-504-2329 1-1290
Wallace, George Research Programmer (Contractor) 301-504-2329 1-1290


East Remote Sensing Laboratory

2901 E. Lee Street
Suite 1100
Greensboro, NC 27104
Phone: 336-370-3407
Fax: 336-370-3378

Name Position Phone Room
Stine, Linda Leader 336-370-3386  
Thomas, Vera Administrative Assistant 336-370-3407  
Vacant Range Management Specialist 336-370-3408  
Vacant Soil Scientist    
Arumugam, Rajaselvam Cartographic Technician    
Castellanos, Katie Cartographic Technician    
Crews, Amy Supervisory Carto. Tech. 336-370-3402  
Dieng, Bachir Cartographic Technician    
Dildine, Robert Supervisory Carto. Tech. 336-370-3345  
Ferguson, James Cartographic Technician    
Goodman, David Cartographic Technician    
Graves, Tiffany Cartographic Technician    
Hay, Steve Decision Support Technician 336-370-3384  
Howard, Joan Soil Scientist 336-370-3383  
Johnson, Matt Cartographic Technician    
Kelly, David Cartographic Technician    
Larmer, Amy Cartographic Technician    
Leroux, Sarah Cartographic Technician    
Lightfoot, Angela File Clerk    
Lovett, Sonya File Clerk    
Pollok, Anne Cartographic Technician    
Repel, Amanda Cartographic Technician    
Richardson, Erin Cartographic Technician    
Rusinovich, Vladimir Cartographic Technician    
Santos, Kim Decision Support Team Leader 336-370-3367  
Schaefer, David Cartographic Technician    
Tejada, Johnny Cartographic Technician    
Vargo, Brent Cartographic Technician    
Wade, Michael Cartographic Technician    
West, Nathan Cartographic Technician    
Wright, Derrick File Clerk    

Central Remote Sensing Laboratory

Fort Worth Federal Center
501 W. Felix St.
Building 23
Fort Worth, TX 76115
Phone: 817-509-3561
Fax: 817-509-3539

Name Position Phone Room
Gordon, James Leader 817-509-3561  
Vacant Administrative Assistant 817-509-3561  
Vacant Forester    
Auxier, David Cartographic Technician 817-509-3779  
Bolt, Michelle Cartographic Technician 817-509-3222  
Bone, Atlan Suprvisory Cartographic Technician    
Brown, Justin Cartographic Technician 817-509-3452  
Brown, Ryan Cartographic Technician 817-509-3430  
Bryant, Justin Cartographic Technician 817-509-3445  
Conrad, Chad File Clerk    
Chesser, Elizabeth Cartographic Technician 817-509-3575  
Davis, Scott Supervisory Cartographic Technician    
Davis, Sharon File Clerk 817-509-3427  
Dukes, Candiss Cartographic Technician 817-509-3405  
Durham, Adam Cartographic Technician 817-509-3547  
Garcia, Anthony Rangeland Specialist 817-509-3556  
Gary, Kevin Cartographic Technician 817-509-3440  
Grantham, Kevin Geospatial Team Leader 817-509-3345  
Gross, Andrew Cartographic Technician 817-509-3579  
Haith, Latoya Cartographic Technician 817-509-3446  
Hammond, Stephen Cartographic Technician 817-509-3569  
Hattaway, Kathya Cartographic Technician 817-509-3522  
Hopkins, Mishon Cartographic Technician 817-509-3396  
Jones, Jason File Clerk    
Karageorge, Keith Cartographic Technician 817-509-3384  
Killingsworth, Tommy Cartographic Technician 817-509-3078  
Kresevich, Jimmy Cartographic Technician 817-509-3382  
Laterza, Ken Decision Support Team Leader 817-509-3219  
Maloney, Shea Cartographic Technician 817-509-3472  
Monk, Rance Cartographic Technician 817-509-3230  
Mortiz, Brian Cartographic Technician 817-509-3316  
New, Rhonda Cartographic Technician 817-509-3403  
Page, Colleen Cartographic Technician 817-509-3244  
Price, Deana Cartographic Technician 817-509-3557  
Robinson, Natasha File Clerk    
Rodriguez, Liza Supervisory Carto. Tech. 817-509-3386  
Rudolphy, Katy Cartographic Technician 817-509-3548  
Schloer, Thomas Cartographic Technician 817-509-3442  
Scott, David Cartographic Technician 817-509-3231  
Skaggs, Elizabeth Cartographic Technician 817-509-3549  
Talley, Don Cartographic Technician 817-509-3449  
Tejada, Sherry Cartographic Technician 817-509-3330  
Thornton, Larry Data Collection Team Leader 817-509-3573  
Uzdavinis, Jason Cartographic Technician 817-509-3239  
White, Russell Cartographic Technician 817-509-3418  
Wood, Wendy Cartographic Technician 817-509-3580  

West Remote Sensing Laboratory

1201 NE Lloyd Blvd.
Suite 1010
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-273-2500
Fax: 503-273-2530

Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Leader 503-273-2506  
Addison, Audrey Cartographic Technician 503-273-2529  
Blankley, Brent Cartographic Technician 503-273-2520  
Boyer, Douglas Supervisory Carto. Tech. 503-273-2517  
Brockmann, Catherine Geospatial Team Leader 503-273-2505  
Brockmann, Cory Decision Support Team Leader 503-273-2502  
Claric, Jeffrey Cartographic Technician 503-273-2524  
Daun, Chad Cartographic Technician 503-273-2512  
Grassberger, Mark Cartographic Technician 503-273-2523  
Kimura, Kari Cartographic Technician 503-273-2513  
Maseda, Haley Cartographic Technician 503-273-2521  
Masterson, Crystal Cartographic Technician 503-273-2518  
McFallo, Nikkoli Cartographic Technician 503-273-2519  
McKay, Darrell Cartographic Technician 503-273-2528  
Miebach, Ryan Data Collection Team Leader 503-273-2509  
Miller, Ryan File Clerk 503-273-2515  
Pagh, Thomas Cartographic Technician 503-273-2514  
Sexton, David Cartographic Technician 503-273-2526  
Shimota, Thomas Cartographic Technician 503-273-2527  
Vacant Rangeland Management Specialist 503-273-2508  
Vacant Supervisory Carto. Tech. 503-273-2522  
Vacant Cartographic Technician    
National Water and Climate Center
Name Position Phone Room
Strobel, Mike Director 503-414-3055 Portland, OR
Huelshoff, Jo Secretary 503-414-3051

Portland, OR

Vacant Meteorologist, App. Climate 503-414-3017 Portland, OR
Vacant Res. Conservationist, Climate 503-414-3047 Portland, OR

Water and Climate Services
Name Position Phone Room
McCarthy, Cara Team Leader, Hydrologist 503-414-3088 Portland, OR
Garen, David Hydrologist, Modeling 503-414-3021 Portland, OR
Goodbody, Gus Hydrologist, Forecast 503-414-3033 Portland, OR
Lea, Jolyne Hydrologist, Forecast 503-414-3040 Portland, OR
Vacant Senior Forecast Hydrologist   Portland, OR
Tama, Rashawn Hydrologist, Forecast 503-414-3010 Portland, OR

Water and Climate Monitoring
Name Position Phone Room
Tolsdorf, Tony Team Leader, Hydrologist 503-414-3006 Portland, OR
Vacant Electronics Technician 406-255-4937 Portland, OR
Schilling, Denice Statistical Asst. 406-727-7580 x133 MT
Harms, Deb Hydrologist 503-414-3050 Portland, OR
Weeks, John Ldr. Electronics Maint. Fac. 503-255-4942 Portland, OR

Information Systems Team
Name Position Phone Room
Grimsted, Laurel Team Leader, IT Specialist 503-414-3053 Portland, OR
Dunklee, Maggie SNOTEL Database Mgr. 503-414-3049 Portland, OR
Gist, Del Database Manager 503-414-3007 Portland, OR
Vacant Operations Specialist 503-414-3042 Portland, OR

Resource Assessment Division

George Washington Carver Center, Beltsville, MD

USDA, NRCS, 5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Room 1-1292B, Stop Code: 5410
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-2300
Fax: 301-504-3788

Name Position Phone Room
Mullarkey, Daniel Director 301-504-2311 1-1291
Vacant Administrative Assistant 301-504-2305 1-1292
Name Position Phone Room
Vacant CEAP Natural Resources Analysis Team Leader    
Sowers, Bob CEAP Communications - Management Analyst 301-504-2342 1-1275
Duriancik, Lisa Fiorina CEAP-Watersheds Component Leader 301-504-2304 1-1286A
Effland, Bill CEAP-Wetlands Component Leader 301-504-3969 1-1274
Andrews, Susan Natural Resource Specialist 402-437-5687 1-1272
Metz, Loretta CEAP-Grazing Lands Component Leader 254-770-6574 Temple, TX
Scala, Daria RCA Coordinator 301-504-2344 1-1279
Rewa, Charles CEAP-Wildlife Component Leader 301-504-2326 1-1270
GIS Team
Name Position Phone Room
Ingram, Kevin RAD GIS Lab Coordinator 301-504-2359 1-1288
Capriotti, Marisa GIS Specialist 301-504-2352 1-1285F
Chen, Peter Cartographer/GIS Specialist 301-504-2327 1-1285D
Musser, Karl Sr. GIS Specialist (Contractor) 301-504-2313 1-1285C
Oesterling, Tony GIS Analyst (Contractor) 301-504-2317 1-1285A
Modeling Team
Name Position Phone Room
Norfleet, Lee Model Team Leader 254-770-6647 Temple, TX
Atwood, Jay Agricultural Economist 254-770-6632 Temple, TX
Johnson, Mari-Vaughn Agronomist 254-770-6605 Temple, TX
Steglich, Evelyn Natural Resource Specialist 254-770-6672 Temple, TX

National Geospatial Center of Excellence

Fort Worth Federal Center
501 W. Felix St.
Building 23
Ft. Worth, TX 76115
Phone: 817-509-3400
Fax: 817-509-3469

Name Position Phone Room
Hickman, Darren Director 817-509-3420  
Perry, Lennes Executive Assistant 817-509-3402  
Full Staff Directory      

Soil Science Division

USDA, NRCS, Soil Science Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW.
Room 4838-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-260-9233
Fax: 202-260-9234


Name Position Phone Room
Lindbo, David Director 202-720-7848 4840-S
Jones, La Toya Office Manager 202-260-9233 4838-S
Vacant Management Analyst 202-260-8583 4832-S
Thomas, Pam Associate Director for Soil Survey Programs 202-205-4211 4832-S
Kenyon, Emmabelle Management Analyst 202-692-0099 4836-S
Kome, Charles Soil Scientist - World Soil Resources 336-370-3347 Greensboro, NC
Wilson, Mike National Leader for Climate Change 402-437-4134 Lincoln, NE
Reich, Paul Geographer - World Soil Resources 301-504-2283

1-2118A GWCC

Robotham, Michael National Leader, Technical Soil Services, and Acting National Leader for World Soil Resources  202-720-5547 4252-S
Glover, Leslie Assistant Program Manager 202-260-8583 4832-S
Vasilas, Lenore Soil Scientist 301-504-2188 1-2126 GWCC
Vick, Roy Associate Director Soil Operations 202-720-9481 4834-S

National Soil Survey Center

100 Centennial Mall North, Room 152
Lincoln, NE 68508-3866

Phone: 402-437-5499
Fax: 402-437-5336

Name Position Phone Room
Hoover, David Director 402-437-5389  
Bouc, Linda Administrative Management Assistant 402-437-4000  
Full Staff Directory