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State Office

NRCS Montana State Office Staff Directory

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
10 East Babcock Street, Room 443
Bozeman, MT 59715-4704
Phone: 406-587-6811
Fax: 855-510-7028

NRCS Montana Personnel Directory February 2017 (PDF; 1.4 MB)

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone
Lisa Coverdale State Conservationist 406-587-6811
Heather Higgs Secretary 406-587-6814

Name Position Phone
Jerry Shows Assistant State Conservationist (Partnerships) 406-587-6967
Kyle Tackett Resource Conservationist 406-683-3803
Leslie Taylor Management Assistant 406-587-6868
Vacant Administrative Assistant  

Public Affairs
Name Position Phone
Lori Valadez Public Affairs Manager 406-587-6969
Mary Myers Visual Information Specialist (ACES)  
Tasha Gibby Public Affairs Specialist 406-587-6789

Name Position Phone
Erik Suffridge Assistant State Conservationist (Programs) 406-587-6873
Vacant Program Specialist (CSP)  
Vacant Program Specialist (EQIP)  
Lisa McCauley Program Specialist (ACEP-ALE, WRP, FRPP, GRP) 406-587-6970
Maureen Meagher Program Specialist (ACEP-WRE) 406-587-6748
Richard Fuentes Program Analyst 406-587-6855
Abby Dresser Ducks Unlimited Conservation Specialist 406-587-6947
Alan Davis Easement Liaison 406-587-6971

Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone
Kris Berg Assistant State Conservationist (Management and Strategy) 406-587-6731
Charissa Williams Office Assistant 406-587-6792
Connie Ritts Financial Resources Specialist 406-587-6857
Jake Ceartin Business Services Specialist 406-587-6862
Vacant Management Analyst  

Administrative Transformation Teams
Name Position Phone
Staffing and Workforce Management Branch
Bart Huber
Hiring Team Manager 406-587-6957
Christina Klima Human Resources Specialist 406-587-6869
Budget Support Services Branch
Deborah Ernst
Budget Officer 406-587-6780
Accounts Payable Services Branch
Byrdeen Warwood
Accounting Technician 406-587-6858
Financial Administrative Services
Cherie Rath-Williams
Fiscal Specialist 406-587-6904

Name Position Phone
Kale Gullett State Resource Conservationist 406-587-6998
Vacant Office Assistant (Technology and Engineering) 406-587-6822
Vacant Agricultural Economist (RPIT) 406-587-6854
Patrick Hensleigh Agronomist 406-587-6837
vacant Archaeologist 406-587-6708
Pilar Ziegler Biologist 406-587-6902
Jeffrey Combs Biologist (Environmental Compliance) 406-587-6747
Matt Ricketts Forester 406-587-6965
Monica Pokorny Plant Materials Specialist 406-587-6708
vacant Rangeland Management Specialist 406-587-6790
Kirt Walstad Rangeland Management Specialist 406-587-6782
Stephanie King Resource Conservationist 406-587-6794
Bill Drummond State Soil Scientist 406-587-6730

NRI Collection and Coordination
Name Position Phone
Julie Tesky State Resource Inventory Coordinator 406-587-6908
Joshua Robino GIS Coordinator 406-587-6926
Catherine Maynard Geospatial Analyst 406-444-4546
FAX: 406-444-0581
State Library
1515 E. 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-1800

Resource Planning and Implementation Team
Name Position Phone
Corey Wolfe Civil Engineer (RPIT) 406-587-69994
vacant Agricultural Economist (RPIT) 406-587-6854
Joe Little Resource Conservationist (RPIT) / Toolkit Coordinator 406-587-6861

Bridger Plant Materials Center (PMC), 98 S. River Road, Bridger, MT 59014-9514, FAX 855-510-7028
Name Position Phone: 406-662-3579
Joseph Scianna Plant Materials Center Manager/Horticulturist 406-662-3579 ext. 101
Robert Kilian Rangeland Management Specialist 406-662-3579 ext. 100
Ross Oyler Biological Science Technician 406-662-3579 ext. 106
Darren Zentner Biological Science Technician 406-662-3579 ext. 106
Joe LeFebvre Acid/Heavy Metal Project Leader 406-662-3579 ext. 104
Lori LeBrun SWCDMI Secretary 406-208-0348

Name Position Phone
Steve Becker State Conservation Engineer 406-587-6828
Vacant Office Assistant (Technology and Engineering) 406-587-6822
Paul Smidansky Design Engineer 406-587-6827
Karen Hoffman Hydrology and Water Quality Engineer 406-587-6824
Randy Pierce Irrigation/Water Management Engineer 406-587-6860
Scott Christiaens Design Engineer 406-587-6956
Kari Scannella State Geologist 406-587-6830
Bruce Krueger Survey and Software Engineer 406-587-6834

Snow Survey
Name Position Phone
Mage Hultstrand Data Collection Officer 406-587-6844
Lucas Zukiewicz Water Supply Specialist 406-587-6843
Eric Larson Hydrologist 406-587-6991
Jeri Lynn Ward Statistical Assistant 406-587-6809
Joseph Akers Hydrologist, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641
Chad Gipson Electronics Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641
Zach Rich Hydrologic Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641
Chelan Babineau Hydrologic Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641

Major Land Resource Area Office (MO) (SSR-4)
Name Position Phone
Eva Muller Soil Survey Regional Director 406-587-6866
Dee Morgan Office Assistant 406-587-6952
Bob Spokas Senior Regional Soil Scientist 406-587-6819
Jane Karinen Soil Data Quality Specialist 406-587-6820
Vacant Soil Data Quality Specialist -
Suzann Kienast-Brown Soil Scientist - GIS Specialist 406-587-6836