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Local Service Centers

Most local NRCS offices in Montana are USDA Service Centers, and can be found by using the USDA Office Information Locator. The information provided by the Locator includes contact information and driving directions.

Each office, along with address and phone number, is also listed here alphabetically. Find an office name on the map and click it to get the address for that office. Or read through the list to find the office you seek.

Montana NRCS Office Locations

serves Lincoln Conservation Districtserves Flathead Conservation Districtserves Eastern Sanders County Conservation Districtserves Lake County Conservation Districtserves Mineral County and Missoula Conservation Districtsserves Beaverhead Conservation Districtserves Big Horn Conservation Districtserves Big Sandy Conservation Districtserves Bitterroot Conservation Districtserves Blaine County Conservation Districtserves Broadwater Conservation Districtserves Carbon Conservation Districtserves Carter County Conservation Districtserves Cascade County Conservation Districtserves Chouteau County Conservation Districtserves Custer County Conservation Districtserves Daniels County Conservation Districtserves Dawson County Conservation Districtserves Deer Lodge Valley Conservation District and North Powell Conservation Districtserves Fergus Conservation Districtserves Gallatin Conservation Districtserves Garfield County Conservation Districtserves Glacier County Conservation Districtserves Granite Conservation Districtserves Hill County Conservation Districtserves Jefferson Valley Conservation District, Madison Conservation District, & Mile High Conservation Districtserves Judith Basin Conservation DistrictPablo Field Officeserves Lewis and Clark Conservation Districtserves Liberty County Conservation Districtserves Little Beaver Conservation Districtserves Lower Musselshell Conservation Districtserves McCone Conservation Districtserves Meagher County Conservation Districtserves Park Conservation Districtserves Petroleum County Conservation Districtserves Phillips Conservation Districtserves Pondera County Conservation Districtserves Powder River Conservation Districtserves Prairie County Conservation Districtserves Richland County Conservation Districtserves Roosevelt County Conservation Districtserves Rosebud Conservation Districtserves Ruby Valley Conservation Districtserves Sheridan County Conservation Districtserves Stillwater Conservation Districtserves Sweet Grass County Conservation Districtserves Teton Conservation Districtserves Toole County Conservation Districtserves Treasure County Conservation Districtserves Upper Musselshell Conservation Districtserves Valley County Conservation Districtserves Wibaux Conservation Districtserves Yellowstone Conservation DistrictBridger Plant Materials Centerserves Blackfeet Reservationserves Rocky Boy Conservation DistrictFort Belknap Field OfficeCrow Agency Field Office Lame Deer Field Office Poplar Field Office NRCS field offices location mapEurekaBrowningCut BankChesterHavreChinookMaltaGlasgowScobeyPlentywoodKalispellShelbyBig SandyRocky BoyFort BelknapPoplarCulbertsonConradPabloChoteauFort BentonPlainsRonanGreat FallsStanfordLewistownJordanCircleSidneyMissoulaWinnettGlendiveWhite Sulphur SpringsHelenaDeer LodgePhilipsburgHarlowtonTerryWibauxRoundupForsythTownsendHamiltonBozemanBig TimberMiles CityBakerHyshamWhitehallBillingsColumbusHardinLame DeerEkalakaBroadusCrow AgencyJolietBridger PMCLivingstonSheridan

Alphabetical Directory of Montana NRCS Field Offices

Baker Field Office (serves Little Beaver Conservation District)
141 South Fourth Street West
P.O. Box 917
Baker, MT 59313-0917
Telephone: 406-778-2238
FAX: 855-510-7026

Big Sandy Field Office (serves Big Sandy Conservation District)
200 1st Street North
P.O. Box 218
Big Sandy, MT 59520-0218
Telephone: 406-378-2298
FAX: 866-609-8426

Big Timber Field Office (serves Sweet Grass County Conservation District)
225 Big Timber Loop Road
P.O. Box 749
Big Timber, MT 59011-0749
Telephone: 406-932-5160
FAX: 855-510-7025

Billings Field Office (serves Yellowstone Conservation District)
Building A, Suite 4
1629 Avenue D
Billings, MT 59102-3091
Telephone: 406-657-6135
FAX: 855-510-7025

Bozeman Field Office (serves Gallatin Conservation District)
3710 Fallon Street, Suite B
Bozeman, MT 59718
Telephone: 406-522-4000
FAX: 855-510-7025

Bridger Plant Materials Center
98 South River Road
Bridger, MT 59014-9514
Telephone: 406-662-3579
FAX: 855-510-7025

Broadus Field Office (serves Powder River Conservation District)
114 North Lincoln Street
P.O. Box 180
Broadus, MT 59317-0180
Telephone: 406-436-2321
FAX: 855-510-7026

Browning Tribal Office (serves Blackfeet Reservation)
640 All Chiefs Road
P.O. Box 1169
Browning, MT 59417-1169
Telephone: 406-338-3153
FAX: 866-609-8426

Chester Field Office (serves Liberty County Conservation District)
18 Main Street
P.O. Box 669
Chester, MT 59522-0669
Telephone: 406-759-5778
FAX: 866-609-8426

Chinook Field Office (serves Blaine County Conservation District)
228 Ohio Street
P.O. Box 189
Chinook, MT 59523-0189
Telephone: 406-357-2320
FAX: 866-609-8426

Choteau Field Office (serves Teton Conservation District)
1102 Main Avenue NW
Choteau, MT 59422-9624
Telephone: 406-466-5722
FAX: 866-609-8426

Circle Field Office (serves McCone Conservation District)
106 10th Street
P.O. Box 276
Circle, MT 59215-0276
Telephone: 406-485-2744
FAX: 855-510-7026

Columbus Field Office (serves Stillwater Conservation District)
334 N. 9th Street
Columbus, MT 59019
Telephone: 406-322-5359
FAX: 855-510-7025

Conrad Field Office (serves Pondera County Conservation District)
406 North Main Street
Conrad, MT 59425-2540
Telephone: 406-278-7611
FAX: 866-609-8426

Crow Agency Tribal Office
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service
8645 South Weaver Drive, Student Union Building Room 205
P.O. Box 699
Crow Agency, MT 59022
Telephone: 406-638-9102
FAX: 855-510-7025

Culbertson Field Office (serves Roosevelt County Conservation District)
508 6th Street East
P.O. Box 517
Culbertson, MT 59218-0517
Telephone: 406-787-5232
FAX: 855-510-7026

Cut Bank Field Office (serves Glacier County Conservation District)
1  3rd Street NE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
Telephone: 406-873-4292
FAX: 866-609-8426

Deer Lodge Field Office (serves Deer Lodge Valley Conservation District and North Powell Conservation District)
1002 Hollenback Road, Suite C
Deer Lodge, MT 59722-9513
Telephone: 406-846-1703
FAX: 406-846-3134

Dillon Field Office (serves Beaverhead Conservation District)
420 Barrett Street
Dillon, MT 59725-3572
Telephone: 406-683-3800
FAX: 406-683-3840

Ekalaka Field Office (serves Carter County Conservation District)
308 Mormon Street
P.O. Box 313
Ekalaka, MT 59324-0313
Telephone: 406-775-6355
FAX: 855-510-7026

Eureka Field Office (serves Lincoln Conservation District)
949 US Highway 93 N
Eureka, MT 59917-9550
Telephone: 406-296-7152
FAX: 406-296-7188

Forsyth Field Office (serves Rosebud Conservation District)
270 S. Prospect Street
P.O. Box 1200
Forsyth, MT 59327-1200
Telephone: 406-346-7333 or 406-346-7501
FAX: 855-510-7026

Fort Belknap Tribal Office
Suite D
158 Tribal Way
Harlem, MT 59526
Telephone: 406-353-8488
FAX: 866-609-8426

Fort Benton Field Office (serves Chouteau County Conservation District)
1210 25th Street
P.O. Box 309
Fort Benton, MT 59442-0309
Telephone: 406-622-5627
FAX: 866-609-8426

Glasgow Field Office (serves Valley County Conservation District)
54069 U.S. Highway 2 West, Suite 2
Glasgow, MT 59230-2846
Telephone: 406-228-4321
FAX: 855-510-7026

Glendive Field Office (serves Dawson County Conservation District)
102 Fir Street
Glendive, MT 59330-3197
Telephone: 406-377-5566
FAX: 855-510-7026

Great Falls Field Office (serves Cascade County Conservation District)
12 3rd Street NW, Suite 300
Great Falls, MT 59404-1991
Telephone: 406-727-7580
FAX: 866-609-8426

Hamilton Field Office (serves Bitterroot Conservation District)
1709 N. 1st Street
Hamilton, MT 59840-3112
Telephone: 406-361-6180
FAX: 855-510-7027

Hardin Field Office (serves Big Horn Conservation District)
724 3rd St. West
Hardin, MT 59034-1604
Telephone: 406-665-3442
FAX: 855-510-7025

Harlowton Field Office (serves Upper Musselshell Conservation District)
809 2nd Avenue NW
P.O. Box 4918
Harlowton, MT 59036-0918
Telephone: 406-632-5534
FAX: 855-510-7025

Havre Field Office (serves Hill County Conservation District)
206 25th Avenue West, Suite 1
Havre, MT 59501-3418
Telephone: 406-265-6792
FAX: 866-609-8426

Helena Field Office (serves Lewis and Clark Conservation District)
790 Colleen Street
Helena, MT 59601-9713
Telephone: 406-449-5000
FAX: 855-510-7025

Hysham Field Office (serves Treasure County Conservation District)
211 Elliott Avenue
P.O. Box 187
Hysham, MT 59038-0187
Telephone: 406-342-5510
FAX: 855-510-7026

Joliet Field Office (serves Carbon Conservation District)
606 W. Front Street
P.O. Box 510
Joliet, MT 59041-0229
Telephone: 406-962-3641
FAX: 855-510-7025

Jordan Field Office (serves Garfield County Conservation District)
307 Main Street
P.O. Box 369
Jordan, MT 59337-0369
Telephone: 406-557-2232
FAX: 855-510-7026

Kalispell Field Office (serves Flathead Conservation District)
133 Interstate Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901-7921
Telephone: 406-752-4242
FAX: 855-510-7027

Lame Deer Tribal Office
19 W Chiefs Street
P.O. Box 330
Lame Deer, MT 59043-0330
Telephone: 406-477-6494
FAX: 855-510-7026

Lewistown Field Office (serves Fergus Conservation District)
211 McKinley Street, Suite 3
Lewistown, MT 59457-2020
Telephone: 406-538-7401
FAX: 866-609-8426

Livingston Field Office (serves Park Conservation District)
5242 US Highway 89 S
Livingston, MT 59047-9611
Telephone: 406-222-2899
FAX: 855-510-7025

Malta Field Office (serves Phillips Conservation District)
1120 U.S. Highway 191 South, Suite 2
Malta, MT 59538
Telephone: 406-654-1334
FAX: 866-609-8426

Miles City Field Office (serves North Custer Conservation District)
3120 Valley Drive East
Miles City, MT 59301-5500
Telephone: 406-232-7905
FAX: 855-510-7026

Missoula Field Office (serves Mineral County and Missoula Conservation Districts)
3550 Mullan Road, Suite 106
Missoula, MT 59808-5125
Telephone: 406-829-3395
FAX: 855-510-7027

Pablo Tribal Office
Tribal Lands Department
42487 Complex Boulevard
Pablo, MT 59855-0871
Telephone: 406-675-1245
FAX: 855-510-7027

Philipsburg Field Office (serves Granite Conservation District)
105 S. Holland
P.O. Box 926
Philipsburg, MT 59858-0926
Telephone: 406-859-3291
FAX: 855-510-7027

Plains Field Office (serves Eastern Sanders County and Green Mountain Conservation Districts)
7487 Montana Highway 200
Plains, MT 59859
Telephone: 406-826-3701
FAX: 855-510-7027

Plentywood Field Office (serves Sheridan County Conservation District)
119 N. Jackson
Plentywood, MT 59254-1599
Telephone: 406-765-1801
FAX: 855-510-7026

Poplar Tribal Office
500 Medicine Bear Road
Box 1027
Poplar, MT 59255-1027
Telephone: 406-768-3566
FAX: 855-510-7026

Rocky Boy Tribal Office (serves Chippewa Cree Tribe)
P.O. Box 27
Box Elder, MT 59521
Telephone: 406-395-4066
FAX: 866-609-8426

Ronan Field Office (serves Lake County Conservation District)
64352 Highway 93
Ronan, MT 59864-8738
Telephone: 406-676-2841
FAX: 855-510-7027

Roundup Field Office (serves Lower Musselshell Conservation District)
109 Railroad Avenue East
Roundup, MT 59072-2930
Telephone: 406-323-2103
FAX: 855-510-7025

Scobey Field Office (serves Daniels County Conservation District)
131B MT Highway 5 E
P.O. Box 605
Scobey, MT 59263-0605
Telephone: 406-487-5366
FAX: 855-510-7026

Shelby Field Office (serves Toole County Conservation District)
1125 Oilfield Avenue
P.O. Box 919
Shelby, MT 59474-0919
Telephone: 406-966-3079
FAX: 866-609-8426

Sheridan Field Office (serves Ruby Valley Conservation District)
402 South Main
Sheridan, MT 59749
Telephone: 406-842-5741
FAX: 855-510-7027

Sidney Field Office (serves Richland County Conservation District)
2745 West Holly Street
Sidney, MT 59270-4299
Telephone: 406-433-2103
FAX: 855-510-7026

Stanford Field Office (serves Judith Basin Conservation District)
121 Central Avenue
Stanford, MT 59479-0386
Telephone: 406-566-2311
FAX: 866-609-8426

Terry Field Office (serves Prairie County Conservation District)
410 East Spring St.
P.O. Box 602
Terry, MT 59349-0217
Telephone: 406-635-5381
FAX: 855-510-7026

Townsend Field Office (serves Broadwater Conservation District)
415 South Front Street
Townsend, MT 59644-0147
Telephone: 406-266-3146
FAX: 855-510-7025

Whitehall Field Office (serves Jefferson Valley Conservation District, Madison Conservation District, and Mile High Conservation District)
3 Whitetail Road
Whitehall, MT 59759
Telephone: 406-287-3215
FAX: 855-510-7027

White Sulphur Springs Field Office (serves Meagher County Conservation District)
P.O. Box 589
4147 US Highway 12 W
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645-9509
Telephone: 406-547-3633
FAX: 855-510-7025

Wibaux Field Office (serves Wibaux Conservation District)
502 2nd Avenue NW
Wibaux, MT 59353-9040
Telephone: 406-796-2211
FAX: 855-510-7026

Winnett Field Office (serves Petroleum County Conservation District)
813 North Broadway
P.O. Box 118
Winnett, MT 59087-0118
Telephone: 406-429-6646
FAX: 866-609-8426