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Ecological Science

ECS is responsible for carrying out the agency's mission as it pertains to ecological sciences in the delivery of technical assistance and programs to USDA clients. ECS is responsible for maintaining the National Planning Procedures Handbook, the Field Office Technical Guide, as well as individual discipline manuals and handbooks used in conservation planning and technical assistance delivery in Mississippi. The principal functions of ECS are to, 1) ensure that conservation planning provided to USDA clients meet agency standards, 2) that conservation planning addresses quality criteria for soil, water, air, plant sand animals, 3) that social and economic considerations are addressed, 4)environmental and cultural resource laws are observed during the conservation planning process, and 5) that agency and partner organization field staff and technical service providers are adequately trained to perform these functions.

ECS consists of a multidisciplinary team that includes an cultural resources specialist, biologist, GIS specialist, plant materials manager, grazing land management specialist,and forestry specialist. This ECS team is directed by the State Resource Conservationist (SRC). ECS provides leadership, training and technical over-site on conservation planning procedures, methods, and techniques. ECS ensures quality assurance on all conservation planning applications, that state-of-the-science technology transfer is provided to USDA clients, and certified professionals meet minimum criteria to perform effective conservation planning on the land.

Ecological Sciences Staff

Programs and Activities

The following document requires Acrobat Reader
MS Nutrient Management Standard 590 (DRAFT) (PDF; 80KB)(NEW)

The following document requiresAcrobat Reader
NRCS Wetland Management for Waterfowl Handbook (PDF; 3078 KB)

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 Proficiency Documentation for MS Conservation Planning Certification
 Soil Conservation Training Plan (XLS; 98 KB)

Monthly Events

Event Month
Pasture Improvement Month September
Culture Resources Month October

Pasture Improvement Month

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Yolanda Jackson at 601-965-4139 ext. 2166.


Mississippi Technical Contact

Delmer Stamps, State Resource Conservationist, (601)965-4339 ext. 2122