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Technical Service Providers

Mississippi's Technical Service Provider (TSP) process is intended to help professionals provide technical assistance to landowners and farmers under one of the Farm Bill conservation programs.

The premise behind the TSP process is that the demand for technical assistance to do conservation work is increasing and will exceed the current staffing capacity of the NRCS. Technical assistance includes conservation planning and design, installation and checkout of approved conservation practices. NRCS has traditionally provided these technical services and will continue to do so, however, producers may now request the use of a TSP to provide technical services in completing conservation practices. The producer may always choose to  use the service of a TSP, and will be reimbursed for those services provided program funding is available.

To certify as a TSP, click on the link below:

Choose "Become a TSP" in the middle of the page after you click on the link.

The page gives access to payment rates, CAP plans, AgLearn training, eligibility criteria, and you can log into Techreg.

Forms (These documents require Adobe Acrobat)

AgLearn Registration for Technical Service Providers

TSP Initiative Notification and Agreement on Release of Information

Certification of Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Cooperator

TSP Initiative TSP Quality Assurance Certification of Services Form

TSP Contact in Mississippi

Marion Reed at