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Emergency Watershed Protection Program

EWP was set up by Congress to respond to emergencies created by natural disasters and assists in relieving hazards to life and property from floods and the products of erosion created by natural disasters that cause a sudden impairment of a watershed.

A sudden watershed impairment results from a single natural occurrence or a short-term combination of occurrences. For the watershed to be eligible for assistance, the impairment must significantly exceed that which existed before the disaster.

Traditional EWP work includes measures to protect roads and bridge abutments, debris removal from streams, and control of caving gullies that threatened infrastructures such as homes, gas and power lines, and road ways.

EWP assistance is authorized by sections of Public Laws 81-516, 94-344, and 104-127.  All of the work under EWP is implemented by local NRCS offices and coordinated from the NRCS State Office in Mississippi