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PMC Mississippi StaffThe Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center (PMC), located near Coffeeville is operated by the USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service. The Whitten PMC is dedicated to providing vegetative solutions to conservation problems.

The PMC mission is to develop, test and transfer effective state-of-the-art plant science technology to meet customer and resource needs.  The PMC has an excellent internal system for identifying future plant materials needs, coupled with a seamless system of product development and program delivery.

Product highlights include:

Plant Guides, fact sheets, technical notes, and newsletters

Cultural specifications for plant materials used in USDA Farm Bill Programs

Provide plant information for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Practice Standards

Production protocols for seed and plant industryPMC Without AJ

Seed and plant vendors guides

Plant technology update


AJ counts Seeds

In working with a broad range of plant species, including grasses, forbs, trees and shrubs, the PMC seeks to address priority needs for NRCS field offices and land managers in both public and private sectors.

State Contact:PMC Tommy counts milkweed

Alyana Jacobs, PMC Manager
Phone: 662-675-2588
Fax: 662-675-2369




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