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We need help in reducing soil erosion, conserving our water and improving its quality, and developing pride in our country’s natural resource heritage. By joining the Earth Team, you'll get the chance to work with NRCS employees to get conservation on the land. You will get valuable work experience, be able to share the knowledge you already have, and help conserve Mississippi's natural resources.

Earth Team Contacts:

State Coordinator: Laura T. Anderson - 601.965.5205 ext 144

Area 1 Coordinator:  Ann Tan  -  662.844.2341 ext 116

Area 2 Coordinator: Julie Kent - 601.437.8121 ext 3

Area 3 Coordinator: Ondine Rudolph - 601.296.1173 ext 3

Area 4 Coordinator: Nancy Melancon - 601.636.7679  ext 3