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Teachers and Students

Environmental education is a crucial part of children's education. Research shows today's youngsters are not getting sufficient exposure to outdoors and nature. Children often occupy themselves with indoor activities, and outside time is limited. NRCS encourages teachers to instruct their students on the topics of natural resources and agriculture. Below are a few resources to teachers, parents and other mentors.

Conservation: Pass It Down

Conservation Pass It DownNRCS Mississippi and partners have developed the Conservation: Pass It Down campaign as a way to give grandparents (and, of course, parents and mentors) ideas and activities to help young ones enjoy their time outside. This campaign revolves around a monthly electronic newsletter, which comes to your email inbox filled with tips, ideas and activities for enjoying the outdoors with your youngsters. Sign up for this newsletter through GovDelivery or by contacting us. Learn more.

Whobuddies Adventures

Whobuddies AdventuresThe Whobuddies are six unique owl cartoon characters who really care about the environment. Each Whobuddy specializes on a particular resource. The natural resources include: soil, water, air, animals, plants and energy. In The Mystery of the Sick Stream and The Great Soil Discovery, you can read about their adventures with Connor and his classmates as they work with the Whobuddies to help protect the natural resources in their school's watershed. NRCS Iowa created these wonderful comic books that are perfect for the classroom. Learn more.