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MN State Technical Committee Watershed Selection Criteria

PURPOSE: To provide local NRCS staff and partners guidance for watershed selection criteria used for MN NRCS watershed based programs.

BACKGROUND: The watershed subcommittee of the Minnesota State Technical Committee (MSTC) is tasked by the State Conservationist to assist the MSTC members in recommendations of watersheds to participate within NRCS watershed based programs. The State Conservationist and the subcommittee agreed there was a need to seek feedback from local NRCS staff and partners in regards to current NWQI or MRBI watershed projects. Local NRCS staff and partners from three separate watersheds gave presentations to the watershed subcommittee. One outcome from this feedback, was a need for clearer guidance in relation to watershed project proposals. To respond, the MSTC Watershed Selection Criteria was developed to promote successful watershed projects.

The watershed subcommittee has representation from many state, local, other federal agencies, non-profit organizations, NRCS Program lead, and NRCS technical lead, along with many more. 

EXPLANATION: The MSTC Watershed Selection Criteria was developed by the watershed subcommittee of the NRCS MSTC, to provide guidance for NRCS local staff and partners to prepare for a call for watershed proposals. There are three sections of criteria:

  1. Documentation of pollution issues and planning
  2. Local readiness
  3. Multiple benefits: high needs and/or opportunities

The criteria clarifies expectations of a diversified partnership within local watershed planning/implementation projects. The call for proposals may still be a short turnaround timeline. This watershed selection criteria will be utilized when watershed sections are made for MN NRCS watershed based program selections. Additional national requirements maybe provided within the official call for proposals; when announced. Local staff and partners are encouraged to utilize this document to promote strong communication to prepare ahead of time.

Why seek federal watershed specific funding?  Federal watershed based funding provides an opportunity to leverage state and local funds within 12 digit HUC watersheds for prioritizing, targeting, and measuring efforts.

MSTC Watershed Selection Criteria_3_1_2018 (PDF)

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