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Manure Management

Updated 5/2/2016

This page provides basic manure management information. Other pages on this website must be consulted to develop a complete nutrient management plan on farms using manure.

These documents require Adobe Acrobat Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

UM Manure Management in Minnesota publication


Minimum State Requirements for Land Application of Manure (PDF; 206 KB)
(Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)

Applying Manure in Sensitive Areas (PDF; 799 KB)
(MPCA/NRCS brochure on manure applications in Sensitive Areas)


  • Minimum acreage calculator
  • This is an access based calculator also found in version 4.0 of the Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota.   The calculator is used to estimate acres needed to apply an annual supply of manure at nitrogen; phosphorus or potassium based rates.

    Access 2003

    (MDB; 1210 KB)   5/09
    Instructions (DOC; 334 KB)  5/09

    Access 2007

    (MDB; 1,336 KB)  5/09
    Instructions (DOC; 234 KB)  5/09

    Access 2010

    (ACCDB; 1,376 KB)   6/13
    Instructions (DOC; 234 KB)  6/13


  • Manure Nutrient Crediting (DOC; 142 KB)
     (NRCS Form MN-CPA-35)

  • Nutrient Management Planner for Minnesota 
    This software calculates crop nutrient needs and plant food available from manure.  It allows the user to develop custom nutrient management plans or plans that meet USDA-NRCS requirement.   The current version 4.0 runs in Access 2010.  Another version runs in Windows 7.

Sampling and Calibration

Spreader Calibration (PDF; 1.3 MB)
(University of Minnesota - Extension Service Fact Sheet)

 Manure Spreader Calibration Calculation Worksheets (XLS; 74 KB)
NRCS Excel Spreadsheet that calculates per acre rates based on settings; ground speed and spreading width.

Manure Sampling (PDF; 70 KB)
(NRCS Fact Sheet)

Manure Sampling (PDF; 1 MB)
(University of Minnesota Brochure)

Manure Testing Laboratories
(Minnesota Dept of Agriculture)