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Michigan NRCS Partnerships

Partnerships are the foundation of natural resources conservation on private lands.  Since the birth of the Soil Conservation Service in 1937, partnerships with Conservation Districts have made responding to local natural resource issues possible with federal government assistance.  Since that time the "Conservation Partnership" has expanded to include many diverse organizations.  However, the essence of partnerships has remained -people working together towards the conservation of natural resources.


Private landowners requesting technical assistance with conservation planningcomprise a majority of the NRCS customer base.  Rural homeowners, urbandwellers and local governments also look to NRCS for assistance in protectingand preserving wildlife habitat, disaster clean-up, and conservation education.

Conservation Districts

Michigan has 80 Conservation Districts, one serving nearly every Michigancounty.  The NRCS works with Conservation District boards, a locallyelected 5-member governing body responsible for private land conservation at thecounty level.

Resource Conservation & Development Councils

Michigan's Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Councils focus on improvement of quality of life achieved through natural resources conservation and community development. The goals of the councils include developing sustainable communities, encouraging prudent development, and managing and conserving natural resources.

Technical Service Providers

Technical Service Providers are individuals certified to provide technicalassistance on behalf of USDA. Technical assistance includes conservationplanning and design, layout, installation, and checkout of approved conservationpractices.

Michigan Technical Committee

The Michigan Technical Committee (MTC) is comprised of both governmental and non-governmental leaders representing environmentally related disciplines. The committee is chaired by the State Conservationist of the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Michigan.