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Soils NRCS-Maine







We are...

  • working to investigate, inventory, classify and interpret the soils of Maine; and,
  • working to help people understand, value and wisely use soil resources.

"Maine's soil resources are the mainstay of productivity for farmers and foresters, and the prime filter for its water resources.  Our Soils Program uses, enhances, and interprets soils survey data, and provides site-specific soils information for NRCS cooperators and projects.  It provides technical leadership and training in soil science to resource professionals and land users.  Soil resources are front and center to our Agency's mission of helping people help the land."  Juan Carlos Hernandez, State Conservationist, Maine NRCS

‚ÄčLatest information

Why are the soils (mapped) on my property changing (May 31, 2017)

Statewide Soils Information

Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf):

  1. Soil Survey Information
  2. Statewide List of Hydric Soils
  3. State of Maine Catena Key (.pdf)
  4. Key for Soil Drainage Classes in Maine (maintained by the Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists)
  5. Maine NRCS Soil Health Page
  6. State Soil - Chesuncook (.pdf)
  7. Soil Profile Gallery
  8. Urban Soil Primer (.pdf)


Technical Soil Services

NRCS Resource Soil Scientists provide soils information and educational outreach, as well as servicing field offices in wetland and highly erodible land (HEL) determinations and many other aspects of conservation planning.