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Geospatial Data

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GIS & GPS Training

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Collecting and Working with GPS Data (PDF)
Introduction to GPS (PDF)

Customer Service Toolkit – Maryland Toolkit References

ESRI Training and Education – Search the course catalog. NRCS Employees should request a course access code before enrolling in the ESRI Virtual Campus.

NRCS GIS Training – View the NRCS GIS course schedule and instructions to enroll in the ESRI Virtual Campus.

NCSS Training – Information for employees participating in the National Cooperative Soil Survey. Digital Soil Survey Mapping – Course materials hosted by the National Geospatial Development Center at West Virginia University.


Michelle Guck GIS Specialist Intern 443-482-2906
Arthur Walker GIS Specialist 302-678-4183


Phillip S. King
State Soil Scientist
Phone: 302-678-4172