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Technical Resources


eFOTG - Electronic Field Office Technical Guide

The Maryland Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (MD-eFOTG) is the primary technical reference tool used in accomplishing the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) mission.  MD-eFOTG contains technical reference material to be used when planning, designing, applying, and maintaining conservation practices.


A collection of references related to plants, wetlands, and wildlife

Conservation Planning & Resources

A collection of references related to conservation planning, resource stewardship and NRCS state and federal policies.

Conservation Agronomy

A collection of references related to Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2), Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning (CNMP), Pest Management and Nutrient Management.


Conservation Practices Contribute to Energy Efficiency and Fuel Savings


A collection of references and tools related to the planning, design, and construction of engineering conservation practices in Maryland.


The soil survey is an inventory of the nation's soil resources designed to help land managers determine best uses and management practices for soils on their lands. Maryland NRCS provides soils services for Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C.

Natural Resource Inventory (NRI)

An inventory of land cover and use, soil erosion, prime farmland, wetlands, and other natural resource characteristics on non-Federal rural land in the United States. The NRI provides a record of the Nation's conservation accomplishments and future program needs.

Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)

The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) began in 2003 as a multi-agency effort to quantify the environmental benefits of conservation practices used by private landowners participating in selected U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) conservation programs. The Choptank River Watershed Project is part of USDA’s nationwide Conservation Effects Assessment Project.



Ecological Sciences and Conservation Planning
Patricia Engler, State Resource Conservationist
Phone: 443-482-2929

Allan Stahl, State Engineer
Phone: 443-482-2912