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Report lost or stolen computer instructions
Toll Free lost and stolen computer equipment hotline:  1-888-926-2373

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Hotline for Reporting Lost/Stolen Government Provided IT Equipment or MediaPage Content


A toll-free hotline number for reporting lost or stolen government-issued information technology equipment such as laptop computers, personal data assistants, cell phones and removable storage media is available to all employees, contractors and business partners.

When calling, be prepared to answer questions regarding the loss or theft including:

  • who, what, when, and where
  • your computer's name, make and model number plus the serial number. Make sure to note this information ahead of time and keep it someplace secure and separate from your computer!
  • what type of information was stored on the equipment, and
  • specifically, if sensitive information was stored

Remember that timely reporting is a responsibility we all share.

Toll Free lost and stolen equipment hotline: 1-888-926-2373