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Watershed Operations

The Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) Program provides technical and financial assistance to states, local governments and tribes (project sponsors) to plan and implement authorized watershed project plans for soil conservation; flood prevention; conservation, development, utilization and disposal of water; and conservation and proper utilization of land. Types of projects include:

  • watershed protection
  • flood mitigation
  • water quality improvements
  • soil erosion reduction
  • rural, municipal and industrial water supply
  • irrigation
  • water management
  • sediment control
  • fish and wildlife enhancement
  • hydropower

A Locally Led Program

Project sponsors are provided assistance in installing planned land treatment measures when plans are approved. Surveys and investigations are made and detailed designs, specifications, and engineering cost estimates are prepared for construction of structural measures. Areas where sponsors need to obtain land rights, easements, and rights-of-way are delineated. Technical assistance is also furnished to landowners and operators to accelerate planning and application of needed conservation measures on their individual land units.

How the program works

Massachusetts projects:

More information on the national NRCS website