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Earth Team Volunteer Program

The job of conserving renewable natural resources cannot be done by government alone. The collective talents and energies of private individuals and groups are vital. Since 1981, NRCS has provided volunteers with opportunities to use their talents on behalf of conservation. These volunteers are known as the Earth Team. Earth Team volunteers do not receive a salary from NRCS but they perform services that are essential to the conservation mission of the agency. Anyone 14 years of age and older can join the Earth Team by calling a local NRCS office to volunteer. Volunteers can work part time or full time; days, evenings or weekends; outdoors or in an NRCS office. All skills are welcome; from data entry and filing, to surveying and collecting data, to nature photography and teaching conservation workshops.

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Massachusetts Volunteer Vignettes

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Evan Sullivan

Evan Sullivan

Conservation Assistant & Earth Team Volunteer

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Smith College Picker Design Clinic students

Smith College Picker Engineering Program Students

Smith College Picker Program Design Clinic students & Earth Team Volunteers

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Holly Nemeth
Earth Team Program Coordinator, Massachusetts