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Teachers and Students

NRCS Louisiana Watershed Education Conservation and Environmental Science Education Project

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Projects for Classes 6th - 12th - A teaching guide for teaching, monitoring and learning on a watershed level

This education package was developed for teachers and organizations to help teach and involve students and community members in watershed habitat, enhancement, protection, and monitoring and student education. It is our vision that this package will be used as an educational tool and as a guide for teachers and students to use when learning about a watershed.

Within this package you will find four sections, which can be downloaded by clicking the headings below:

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Annelidically speaking, I'm S.K.Worm

NRCS Answers Students' Questions About Soil

S.K.Worm teaches soils
It's a dirty job but someone has to do it -- S.K.Worm, the official annelid, or worm, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service answers students' questions about soil. Even their teachers can't wiggle their way out of this one!Slither your way through these soiled questions and earn a very special diploma. You might even get hooked on Soil!

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