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NRCS Louisiana Publications

Conservation Update

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FY 2019 Conservation Updates
Monthly Issue Featured Stories
November/December 2018 (1.0 MB)
November/December Conservation Update Cover
Tomatoes, Football Games and a
High Tunnel
October 2018(1.0 MB)
October 2018 Conservation Update Cover
Preserving the Past and Conserving
Resources for the Future



FY 2018 Conservation Updates
Monthly Issue Featured Stories
September 2018 (1.0 MB)
September 2018 Conservation Update Cover
It's All in the Process...
Conservation Planning at its BEST
August 2018 (1.0 MB)
August 2018 Conservation Update Cover

Take Care of the Land and
It Will Take Care of You

July 2018 (1.0 MB)
July 2018 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover
Working with Louisiana's Veterans
June 2018 (1.0 MB)
June 2018 Conservation Update Cover
Chicken Farming Made Better
May 2018 (1.0 MB)
May 2018 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover
A Legacy of Conservation, Cajun Style!
April 2018 (1.0MB)
April 2018 Conservation Update Cover
Investing in Soil Health for the Future
March 2018 (1.0MB)
March 2018 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover
Cows, Goats and Peacocks...Oh My!
February 2018
February 2018 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover
Bringing Back the Beauty
January 2018 (1.6MB)
January 2018 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover
Women in Ag:  A Conversation with
Louisiana Farmer, Ginny Marsh
December 2017 (1.5 MB)
December 2017 Conservation Update Cover
Healthy Soils Lead to High Tunnel Success
November 2017 (1.3 MB)
November 2017 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover

Celebrating 700,000 Acres & 25 Years
of Wetland Reserve Success


FY 2017 Conservation Updates
Monthly Issue Featured Stories
September 2017 (1.0 MB)
September 2017 Conservation Update Cover
Great Scott!
Raising Chickens is More Than Meets the Eye
August 2017 (1.0 MB)
August 2017 Conservation Update Cover

Tree Planting Success in St. Mary Parish


Story from the Field:
Earth Team Members Inform and Inspire
in Morehouse Parish

July 2017 (1.0 MB)
July 2017 Conservation Update Cover
Working with Louisiana's Veterans
A Q&A With Wayne Patterson,
Union Parish Farmer
June 2017 (1.0 MB)
June Conservation Update Cover

You've Got To Have A Dream


Story from the Field:
Improving Wildlife Habitat
Through Prescribed Burning

May 2017 (1.0 MB)
May 2017 Conservation Update Cover

Soil Health System 'Links' Lifestyle and
Profitability for Louisiana Farmer


Story from the Field:
Cover Crops in Rice...
Building Soil Health in Flat Lands

April 2017 (1.0 MB)
April 2017 Conservation Update Cover

Practice What You Preach


Story from the Field:
Improving Herd Health Through Conservation

March 2017 (1.0 MB)
March 2017 Conservation Update Cover
Partnerships at Work in St. Landry Parish
February 2017 (1.0 MB)
February 2017 Conservation Update Cover
If You Build It, They Will Come
A Working Lands for Wildlife Success
January 2017 (1.0 MB)
January 2017 Conservation Update Cover

Saving a Louisiana Treasure

November 2016 (1.0 MB)
November 2016 Conservation Update Cover

A Place to Call Home

October 2016 (1.0 MB)

October 2016 Conservation Update Cover

It Takes a Village
Feral Hog Management in
Natchitoches Parish

Story from the Field:
Legacy Farm in Sabine Parish




FY 2016 Conservation Updates
Monthly Issue Featured Stories
September 2016 (1.2 MB)
September 2016 Conservation Update Cover
Taking Conservation to the Next Level

August 2016 (1.2 MB)

August 2016 Conservation Update Cover

July 2016 (1.0 MB)
July 2016 Conservation Update Cover
Working with Louisiana's Veterans
June 2016 (1.0 MB)
June 2016 Conservation Update Cover

It Takes a Special Kind of Person

Story from the Field:

Conservation for Healthy Cows in Union Parish

May 2016 (1.0 MB)
May 2016 Conservation Update Cover

A Sugar Cane Revolution,
How Sweet It Is

Story from the Field:

CWPPRA BS-16 Shoreline and
Marsh Restoration Project Update

April 2016 (1.0 MB)
April 2016 Louisiana Conservation Update Cover

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Story from the Field:
Keeping it in the Family

March 2016 (1.0 MB)
March 2016 Conservation Update Cover

Restoring Critical Wildlife Habitat

Story from the Field:
New USDA Customer Installs High Tunnel

February 2016 (1.0 MB)
February 2016 Conservation Update Cover

No Change Needed
... in Beauregard Parish

Story from the Field:
A Legacy to my Father and Grandmother

January 2016 (1.0 MB)January 2016 Conservation Update Cover

Growing Change in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans

Story from the Field
Solar Powered Success in Evangeline Parish

Nov-Dec 2015 (1.0 MB)November-December 2015 Conservation Update Cover

A Match Made in Heaven...
Rice and Crawfish, the Perfect Union


Soils, Culture and People

October 2015 (1.0 MB)2015 Conservation Update Cover

Wildlife Conservation in Franklin Parish

Soils and Products We Use



September 2015, 25 Years of CWPPRA Construction

August 2015, Farming by Technology

July 2015, Protect Thy Neighbor Flood Control in the Red River Valley

June 2015, Growing a Legacy in Winn Parish

May 2015, Doing More With Less in Bossier Parish

April 2015, Growing Grass-Fed Beef in Grant Parish

March 2015, Restoring Wetland Habitat on the Banks of the Red River in Natchitoches Parish

February 2015, Shoreline Protection Innovators

December 2014, Growing Grass for Healthy Cattle

November 2014, For the Greater Good Farmers Helping Farmers Gravity-fed drainage system uses Red River water for crop irrigation

October 2014, Red Bayou Comes to Life! Irrigation Project Completed in Caddo Parish

September 2014, Reaching Out in Franklin Parish StrikeForce in Louisiana

August 2014, Healthy Cows Healthy Farm Conservation in Tangipahoa Parish

July 2014, Sugarcane Farmer Rotates Soybeans and Reaps Benefits in Iberville Parish

June 2014, Special Edition: Stories from the Field

May 2014, It's All About Soil Health West Carroll Parish Cattle Producer is Sold on Conservation

April 2014, From the Rice Fields of Acadia Parish to Your Table Louisiana Crawfish

March 2014, Seasonal High Tunnel Success Growing Healthy Fruits, Vegetables and Children in Sabine Parish

February 2014, Partners in Conservation in Their Own Words

January 2014, We're Nuts About Pecans! in Natchitoches Parish

November 2013, How Sweet It Is! Sweet Potato Farming in Avoyelles Parish

October 2013, Louisiana's Master Farmer Program

September 2013, Poultry Producer Tames the Hills of Lincoln Parish

August 2013, Cattle Farming on Eight Acres (in a subdivision) Takes Drive and Ingenuity!

July 2013, What makes this farm more efficient? Solar-Powered Livestock Watering System

June 2013, Irrigation Tailwater Recovery

May 2013, Loving the Wildlife in Allen Parish

April 2013, We Have Always Been Here Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana River Cane Project

March 2013, Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Facility Richland/Morehouse Parish Farmers Protect Ground and Surface Waters

February 2013, Cover Crops Pay Big Dividends

December 2012, Zebras, Watusi and Zebu! Webster Parish Farmers are Hooked on Exotic Animals

November 2012, Living the Dream Union Parish Farmer Shares Secret to His Success

October 2012, Building an "NRCS" Fence Landowner Assists with Instructional Video