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Cultural Resources

Archaeological sites, historic buildings and structures, landscapes, and objects are the fabric of our national heritage. Remnants from our history are everywhere. Collectively known as cultural resources, they are our tangible links with the past.  These nonrenewable resources often yield unique information about past societies and environments, and provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems.

NRCS is responsible for considering and consulting on the effects of their actions on historic and cultural places in all of our undertakings. The fundamental elements of NRCS cultural resources policy involve protection and enhancement of cultural resources and historic properties in their original location to the fullest practical extent, and mitigation of adverse effects that cannot be avoided through treatment of the historic or cultural properties.

During the conservation planning process, the NRCS must consider the ground disturbing potential of activities associated with the application of a conservation practice and its impact on cultural resources that may be present at or near the site.  Any planned practice that is ground disturbing should be submitted for review by the Kentucky NRCS Cultural Resource Specialist

Kentucky Cultural Resource Studies: 

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Jacob Kuhn
Assistant State Conservationist

William "Bill" Sharp

771 Corporate Drive Suite 210
Lexington KY 40503