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Ecological Science

Ecological sites comprise a land classification system that describes vegetation, ecological potential, and ecosystem dynamics of land areas.  They are used to stratify the landscape and organize ecological information for the purpose of monitoring, assessment, and management. Ecological site descriptions and information are available from the NRCS Ecological Site Information System (ESIS).

B. Eblen Farm


The National Planning Procedures Handbook (NPPH) provides guidance on the conservation planning process used by NRCS and many of its partners for developing, implementing, and evaluating conservation plans for individuals, as well as area wide conservation plans. 


Kentucky NRCS Ecological Sciences Staff


Mark Ferguson

State Resource Conservationist


Casey Shrader

State Biologist


Randy Smallwood

State Agronomist


Adam Jones

Grazing Management, Nutrient Management and Integrated Pest Management


Cliff Drouet

State Forester