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Soil Health

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Soil and WAter Cycle

Profiles in Soil Health

Hear and learn directly from other Kentucky farmers in these short Profiles in Soil Health to find out how they’re making their farms more productive, profitable and resilient through soil health.

Jerry Peery - grain farmer from Hickman County, Kentucky

Robert Emerson - grain farmer from Graves County, Kentucky

Richard Hughes - grain & tobacco farmer from Logan County, Kentucky 

Bob James - tobacco and grain farmer from Fayette County, Kentucky 

Brent Cornett - tobacco and grain farmer from Laurel County, Kentucky 

Mark Turner - grain, tobacco & poultry farmer from Ohio County, Kentucky


Soil is a living and life-giving substance, without which we would perish.

As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. So much so that we believe improving the health of our Nation’s soil is one of the most important endeavors of our time.

By focusing more attention on soil health and by educating our customers and the public about the positive impact healthy soils can have on productivity and conservation, we can help our Nation’s farmers and ranchers feed the world more profitably and sustainably – now and for generations to come.

Click here for information that will help you understand the basics and benefits of soil health – and to learn about Soil Health Management Systems from farmers who are using those systems.

Whether you’re a farmer, a researcher, a conservationist or an interested citizen, the information on this site will help you “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.”

Soil Health Theater

Science title imageHere at the Soil Health Theater, you can see and hear from some of America’s top soil health experts and innovative soil health farmers. From video demonstrations on soil health to videos featuring the men and women who are farming with Soil Health Management Systems, see for yourself why there’s a growing movement to “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.”




Dig a Little, Learn a Lot

Infographic Web CopyWhen you dig a little, you'll learn a lot about the health of your soil. The resources on this page are provided to help you understand the fundamentals of soil ecology and what you can do to build soil health on your farm or ranch. Coming soon is a video FAQs section where you can learn directly from the farmers who are growing with Soil Health Management Systems.



Soil Health Across the Nation

NEW Soil Health map 2014Find out what’s happening in your state regarding soil health, and learn about other farmers who are using soil health management systems to improve soil health and harvest the benefits of soil health management systems. Click here to access the Soil health map.






Hear from Kentucky's Soil Health Specialist and Others

John Graham, Soil Health Specialist

John Graham, Soil Health Specialist for NRCS in Kentucky talks about the importance of soil health.  Read his article by clicking on the link below:

Mob Grazing Does Build Soil Health (w/ links to video)

Tillage Destroys Soil's Physical Properties

Fall Cover Crops Prepare the Soil for Spring Crops

No-till Leads to Healthy Soil and Healthy Soil Leads to a Better Growing Season (by Christy Morgan, Program Analyst)

Grazing Management for Healthy Soil (by Doug Peterson, Soil Health Specialist from MO)

Get Covered! Testimony from a landowner who gave cover crops a try. (by Jamie Ponder, Soil Conservationist Field Representative for the Ky. Division of Conservation)