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Earth Team Volunteers

Vision: Productive partnerships with volunteers to achieve a quality environment for soil, water, air, plant, and animal; energy; and the human resource.

Mission: The mission of the Kansas Earth Team is to provide leadership and administer a volunteer program to help people help the land.

Since the organization of local conservation districts in the 1930s, people have volunteered their time and talent to assist the NRCS in getting conservation on the land. Through the decades, volunteering has remained an important part of America’s conservation movement. Expanding the volunteer concept, congress passed legislation in 1981 that provided authority for NRCS to use volunteers.

It wasn't until 1985, when the Farm Bill increased the agency's workload, that leadership encouraged all states to begin using the National Volunteer Program to help achieve the agency's mission.

In 1985, the National Volunteer Program became the Earth Team – the volunteer arm of NRCS. The purpose of the Earth Team is to expand NRCS services by using volunteer time, talent, and energy to help meet agency needs.

Earth Team Committee

Coordinator Area of Responsibility Location Phone Number
Mechelle Foos State Volunteer Coordinator Troy 785-985-2221
Lyndsie Beasley Area 1 Coordinator Goodland 785-899-3070
Allison Sowards Area 2 Coordinator St John 620-549-3321
Brooke Franklin Area 3 Coordinator Lawrence 785-843-4260
Jessie Lamont Area 4 Coordinator Clay Center 785-632-3550
Angela Allen State Office Coordinator Salina 785-823-4572

Earth Team Volunteer Stories


Minutes of Earth Team Coordinators' meetings

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