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On January 19, 2007, 105 years of Indiana soil survey work was completed when the digital soils data for Warren County, Indiana was posted to the Soil Data Warehouse, bringing digital soils coverage for Indiana to 100%.  The 1902, Posey County, Indiana soil survey report was the first published soil survey in Indiana.

The National Cooperative Soil Survey program is a joint effort of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other federal and state agencies, including Purdue University, and the Forest Service.

Soils data for Indiana are found at the Web Soil Survey and the Soil Data Mart.  From Web Soil Survey you can view soils maps, make thematic maps, run reports and view Soil Survey manuscripts (where available).  On the Soil Data Mart you can download soils data or view and print reports.  Soil Surveys on CD and SSURGO Data Viewer CD’s are also available.  Historical replica CD's are available for some counties.  Soil Data Viewer may be used with ArcGIS software to run tables and make thematic maps.  Soils and other GIS layers may also be found at the Geospatial Data Gateway.  For more information go to Indiana Online Soil Surveys.

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